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Aeromodeling Club

Aeromodelling Club deals in the designing and making of aero-vehicles like Rocket, RC-planes, Drones, etc. Our club also conducts workshops on these vehicles, wherein experts explain the technology to interested candidates related to the above aero vehicles.

The club provides a platform for an interested individual to work in the field of aerodynamics, or we can say aero-models and implement their innovative ideas and new skills to their models, which can lead to the creation of New Invention.

Aeromodelling club keeps on updating the old models of aero-vehicles with new designs and technologies that could be useful for the entire nation and keep on finding new ideas in this field.

The club members imbibe knowledge about the mechanism of aero-models through workshops conducted by the club. It helps those students who want to nurture their career in the field of aeronautical engineering. 


Events Organized


  • Workshop on RC-plane with practical models and individual flying
  • Workshop on Drone Making
  • Drone based Competition
  • Workshop on Rocket with practical models and individual flying




  • RC planes
  • Working model of Rockets
  • Drones like- Firefighting Done, Agriculture spray


Funding from IEDC:- 

  1. Metal 3-D printer (Budget -Rs. 190,000)
  2. Firefighter Drone (Budget -Rs. 150,000)