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Tissue Culture (Animal and plant) Facility

Department of Biotechnology has the facility for animal cell culture. The lab is well equipped with the facilities like Carbon dioxide incubator, Laminar flow cabinet, Trinocular upright and Inverted microscopes, Air curtains, centrifuges and other basic types of types of equipment lie -20-degree freezers, autoclave, chemical balance, pH meter, hemocytometer, water baths etc for doing cell culture from animals.  In postgraduate classes primary cell culture, subculturing of cultured cells, trypsinization procedures and drug toxicity testing by MTT assay are routinely done. Students are getting hands-on training in preparing the mediums, sterilization procedures and toxicity testing of drugs on cell culture. 

Department of Biotechnology also has the facility for plant tissue culture. PTC lab is equipped with basic lab equipment along with Laminar air flow, Plant tissue culture Rack, Incubator shaker etc for plant tissue culture ,Preparation of media , plant tissue culture perform from the explants like anther, stem, embryo etc.For hardening of plant culture green house facility is available. Protoplasts  isolation and somatic hybridization also done from different plant species.