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Microbiology and Immunology Laboratory

Microbiology laboratory in the department has a unique environment that houses special practices and containment facilities in order to properly protect persons working with microorganisms. Aim of the microbiology lab is to focus mainly on basic principles, safe practices and morphological characters of different types of cells. Specific experiments address topics in microbial isolation, quantification and characterization. The laboratory has basic devices, equipment and instruments needed in microbiology experiments such as microscopes, hot air oven, laminar air flow, incubator, refrigerator, centrifuge, autoclave, chemicals including media and consumables. Our microbiology laboratory is used for the culture and analysis of bacteria, yeast and fungi for research into bioremediation, environmental microbiology, antimicrobial systems and microbiological applications in material science.


• Laboratory Biofermentor  
• Magnus Monocular Microscope
• (9665*10)
• Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope
• Laminar Air Flow
• Deep Freezer
• CO2 Incubator with cylinder and regulator
• Incubator Shaker,To Hold9Flask of 250ml,
• Micro pipette(0.5 - 1000µl)
• (7980*4)
• HP DX 2700 (Computer)