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22 May 2020


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    GLA University, Mathura

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    22/ 05/2020

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    25/ 05/2020

The subject that deals with what is of value, or what is valuable to a human being is called value education. This subject focuses on what a human being is, what is purposeful and meaningful for. This elaborates on what role he/she has to play as responsible human being at the level of individual, family, society and nature. With this clarity, one is able to see the meaning in life, purpose in life and is committed to fulfil that meaning, that purpose. This clarity and the satisfaction obtained out of the fulfilment of this purpose, gives one a feeling of self confidence. This instils confidence in their inner strengths. Teacher and students need to have this confidence in order to be able to proactively set their own goals. If the goal is set proactively (and not by default 'peer' pressure) the motivation comes from within and the rest follows- in terms of his commitment, untiring effort leading to success in achieving his/her aim, and his purpose of life. 

Values thus provide the basis for all our actions and activities. Apart from skill development, education needs to focus on value-education. This needs to be introduced in our school education as well as higher education. Such value-based education can prepare students to live in harmony with other human beings and nature -this can provide a way out of the current morass that the world is in.

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