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VLSI Design Excellence Centre

Faculty Coordinator

Dr. Vinay Kumar Tomar
Research Area: VLSI Design

  • Low-power VLSI Design
  • High-speed digital and analog circuits
  • CMOS, Static Random Access memory (SRAM)
  • Adiabatic Logic for Portable Applications
  • Novel Semiconductor Devices, FinFETs
  • Low-K and high-K dielectric materials/li>


Faculty Members:

  • Mr. AbhayChaturvedi
  • Dr. Manish Kumar
  • Mr. Anjan Kumar
  • Mr. Deepak Mittal
  • Mr. Dhirendra Kumar
  • Mr. Dheeraj Kalra

Major Hardware / EDA Tools

Centre of Excellence for VLSI design offers complete Chip Design expertise from RTL to GDSII implementations at 45nm, 90nm, 180nm technology nodes including pre and post-silicon testing & FPGA/Simulation-based prototyping. Expertise includes Front End Design and Verification; as well as Backend Design and Physical Implementation.


The key objective of Centre of Excellence (COE) – VLSI Design is to introduce the fundamental principles of VLSI circuit design, to examine the basic building blocks of large-scale digital/analog integrated circuits, and to provide hands-on design experience with professional design (EDA) platforms among students. Finally, at the end of the training program, students should able to get placement in core VLSI design based companies.

Technologies Covered

  • 45nm, 90nm
  • 180nm CMOS technology
  • Full-custom Cadence Design Suite
  • Advanced Design System
  • Xilinx ISE Software
  • FPGA boards : Spartan kit -6E

This Lab exposes the students to latest in IC Design Technology. The main objective of the center is to enabling the excellence in training for VLSI Technology and to bridge the gap between academic and VLSI industry.