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Awardee PhD Scholars

S.No. Name of PhD scholar Department Name of Supervisor (s) Research Title/Topic Year of Award
1 Asheesh Tiwari CEA Prof. Ahsish Sharma  Software Reliability Analysis Using Fault Detection, Correction and Effort Estimation in Imperfect Debugginh Environment 2022-2023
2 Megha aggrawal  IBM Prof. Utkal Khandelwal  Impact of  Brand Anthropomorphism & Advertising Effectivemess on Consumer Purchase Intention  2022-2023
3 Anas Shahid Multani  Civil  Dr. Praveen Kumar Gupta  Analysis of Bond Strength of Post Installed Rebar in Fiber Reinforced Modified Concrete wih Waste Material   2022-2023
4 Niharika Singh  IBM  Prof. Somesh Dhamija
Prof. Aruna Dhamija 
Study on Impact of Motivational Factors on Religious Tourism With Special Reference to Vrindavan  2022-2023
5 Indresh Yadav Electrical  Dr. Sanjay Kmar Maurya
Dr. Sulabh Sachan 
MPPT performance Amalysis with an adaptive Duty Cycle Controlled appropriate Converter For a solar system 2022-2023
6 P. Bachan ECE Prof. Atul Bansal
Prof. Aasheesh Shukla
NOMA Assisted cooperative Relaying Systems, Performance Evaluation under Ideal & Realistic Impairment Scenario  2022-2023
7 Krishna Sharma  Biotech  Dr. anukool Vaishnav  Bioprospecting of Fenugreek Associated Bacteria for Plant Growth Promotion and Disease Management  2022-2023
8 Ankush Mahajan  English  Dr. Shiva Durga  Impact of Bhagwadgita on Ralph Waldo Emerson with Reference to the Bhashyas of Adi Shankarachara and Ramanujacharya  2022-2023
9 Ravi Kant  Education  Dr. Devki Nandan Sharma  Effect of Family Environment on Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary Level Students of agra and Mathua Districs of Uttar Pradesh  2022-2023
10 Bhoopendra Goyal IBM Prof. Somesh Dhamija Prof. Kiran Hazarika Study The Imact of Anti Profiteering Measures Under Central Goods & service Tax towards Ensuring Consumer Welfare in India  2022-2023
11 Misba Hamid  Physics Dr. Benoy K singh
Dr. Shaq l Qamar Wani
A Study on Optimization and verification of Radiotherapy Treatment planing in curatineand Palliative setup For Better Delivery of Radiation Therapy 2022-2023
12 Mohsin Rehman Khan Physics Dr. Anuj Vijay
Dr. Barkat Hussain
Studies on Using Ionizing Radations against greater wax moth, Galleria Mellonella L. in Kashmir India  2022-2023
13 Meetu Jain  IBM Dr. Aruna Dhamija
Dr. Bharti Shauran 
Role of Mentoring and Psychological Capital on work Engagemennt of employees of central Public Sector Enterprises. 2022-2023
14 Shashank Chaturvedi  IPR Dr. Anuj Garg  Development & evaluation of novel formulation containing exemestane for localized transdermal delievary in the management of estrogen dependent breast cancer  2022-2023
15 Soumya Roy  Physics  Prof. Anirudh  Pradhan
Dr. Biplab Sarkar 
A Study on new methodologies to improve the external beam radiotherapy techniques in terms of clinical dosimetric & quality of life assessment.  2022-2023
16 Atul Kumar Sharma  Biotechnology Dr. Anjana Goel
Dr. Gururaj
Dr. Rama Sharma 
Development of nanoparticle based immunodiagnostic assay and TaqMan® probe based Real time PCR for effective diagnosis and epidemiological study of Cryptosporidiosis in goats 2022-2023
17 Sakshi Gautam  Biotechnology Dr. Anjana Goel
Dr. Deepa Bisht 
Comparative analysis of Serum Proteome of Lprosy Patients by two - dimesnsional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry 2022-2023
18 Ujjwal Sharma  Civil  Dr. Nakul Gupta
Dr. Manvendra Verma
Prediction of Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Concrete Using Various Machine Learning Algorithms 2022-2023
19 Manthena Navabharatha Biotechnology Dr. Shoor Vir Singh
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad 
Pharmacological and  toxicological  studies of the Ayush based fromulation developed against para TB infection  2022-2023
20 Puneet Sharma  CEA Prof. Ashish Sharma
Prof. Manoj  Kumar
An optimized approach for task scheduling to enhance resource utilization in cloud computin genvironment  2022-2023
21 Shelesh Krishna Saraswat  ECE Prof. V K Deolia
Dr. Aasheesh Shukla
Role of NOMA Assisted Network for 6g Communication  2022-2023
22 Aijaz Ahmad Khan  Physics Dr. Anuj Vijay, Dr Malik Mohib-ul Haq and Dr Shaqul Qamar Wani  Dose Optimization and Dosimetric Evaluation of High Dose Rate (HDR) Gynecological Intracavitary Brachytherapy applicators 2022-2023
23 Abhinav Srivastava IBM Prof. Somesh Dhamija
Dr. Kiran Hazarika
Influence of Professional  Training of Teachers on Students learning &Achievements 2022-2023
24 Rajat Garg  IPR Dr. Anuj Garg  Development  of Tacrolimus Loaded NLCS modified with Hyaluronic acid for effecive treatment of rheumatoid arthritis 2022-2023
25 Karmveer  Mechanical Engineering Dr. Naveen Gupta,
Dr. Tabish Alam 
Utilization of Solar Thermal Energy For Heating Applications 2022-2023
27 Akansha Singhal IBM Dr. Om Prakash Agrawal  Casualty of Corporate Governence and Financial Performance  - An Empirical Study of Indian Companies Listed in BSE 2022-2023
28 Tarubala Sharma  Biotechnology Dr. Vishal Khandelwal Studies on Nutraceutical And Immunomodulatory Potential of Neolamarckia Cadamba Fruits 2022-2023
29 Satbir Singh IBM Dr. Vivek Agarwal  Assessment of Enablers for a Competitive Supply Chain in Industry 4.0 Era : A Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach  2022-2023
30 Rewa Chib  IBM 
1. Dr. Utkal Khandelwal    
2. Dr. Vivek Agrawal
Green Branding Effects on Purchase Intensions, An Evidence From Indian Service Industry 2022-2023
31 Deepika Bandil  IBM Prof. Vivek Agrawal Impact of Social Media Factors On Parent's Purchase Intensions 2022-2023
32 Khusboo Srivastava IBM Dr. Somesh Dhamija The Study of Factors Influencing The Students Decision Making To OptThe Institution For Higher Education 2022-2023
33 Himshweta Singh  Biotechnology Prof. Shoor Vir Singh and Dr. Gaurav Pant Heavy Metal Accumulator Plants - A Phytoremediation Based Sustainable Solution for Industrial Waste Management 2022-2023
34 Taruna Mohinani Biotechnology Dr. Shoor  Vir Singh  Computational genomics of Mycobacterium genomes with respect to their virulence factors as drug targets and vaccine candidates 2022-2023
35 Ashish Gaur  Biotechnology Dr. Gaurav Pant ,
Prof. A.S. Jalal
Assessment of Psychological Studies in Mathura Region Using Deep Learning - Based Approaches 2022-2023
36 Anshy Singh  CEA Prof. Manoj Kumar  A Robust Framework for Automatic Crowd Video
Summarization Using Deep Learning Methodology
37 Rohit Kumar Sharma  Biotechnology Pradeep Kumar Choudhary  &
Dr. Arun Agarwal
Development of High Frequency Doubled Haploid Protocol of Broccoli (Brassica Oleracea var .  Italica) Usingh Microspores and Validation of Doubled Haploid Lines 2022-2023
38 Shereen Zaidi English  Prof. Nitin Bhatnagar  A Psychological Study of The Select Novels of Anuradha Roy  2022-2023
39 Singh Vivek Devvrat  IBM Dr. Utkal Khandelwal & Dr. Ankit Saxena  An Empirical Study of Relationship Between "The Four Realms of An Experience - 4E's" and Mall Patronage Intention of Indian Consumers. 2022-2023
40 Deepika Varshney  Biotechnology Dr. Keshar Kunja Mohanty &
Dr Shoorvir Singh
Study of Toll like receptors (TLR1/TLR2)SNPs in drug resistant tuberculosis with reference to innate immune response 2022-2023
41 Pranshul Gautam  English  Dr. Shyam Ji (Supervisor).
Dr. Vinod Pal (Co-Supervisor)
42 Ajay Kumar  Mechanical Engineering Dr. Sujit Kumar Verma  Design, Development and Analysis of Muncipal Solid Waste To Energy Conversion, Storage, Transportation With Environmental And Economic Evaluation 2022-2023
43 Nitin Agrawal ECE Dr. Manish Gupta & Dr. Manish Kumar  Performance Analysis of Low Noise Amplifier for Millimeter Wave Application  2022-2023
44 Ravi PrakashVarshney  CEA Prof. Dilip Kumar Sharma  A multi-modal approach to forecasting financial time series with hybrid feature selection, sentiment analysis, and Image encoding 2022-2023
45 Gunjan Verma  CEA Prof. Manoj Kumar and Dr. Suresh Raikwar Robust enhancement Techniques for Underwater Images Using Neural Network Algorithms  2022-2023
46 Arvind Singh Choudhary CEA Prof. Manoj Kumar  Effective and Secure Secret Image Sharing Schemes for Reconstruction of Digital Images 2022-2023
47 Varsha Raghunathji Gedam  Physics Prof. Anirudh Pradhan  To Study the Validation and Implementation of Constant Dose Rate Volumetric Modulated Are Therapy (CDR - VMAT)in Radotherapy Practice) 2022-2023
48 Shormita Bose  English  Dr. Prateek Pandey  Transgender Experience In India   ; Recognizing Their Presence in the works of Living Smile Vidya, A. Revathi & Vaishali Rode  2022-2023
49 Shweta Mathematics Dr. Ambuj Kumar Mishra Some Traversable wormhole Solutions in Modified Gravity  2022-2023
50 Juginder Pal Singh CEA Prof. Manoj Kumar  Human Crowed Scene Analysis for Behavior Recognition  2022-2023
51 Ganesh Lal Pharmacy Prof. Meenakshi Bajpai Design of Modified Release Dosage Form for ARTHRITIS 2022-2023
52 Shubhi Agrawal Management Prof. Anand Mohan Agrawal Impact of Perceived Relationship Investment with the mediating effect of relationship Quality on Customer Loyalty in the Organized India Jewelry Market 2022-2023
53 Jyoti Sharma Education Prof Kavita Verma and Prof. Dillip Giri  The Effect of Family Values, Adjustment Abilities and Family Type on the Academic Achievement of the Secondry School Students of Mathura Districtof Uttar Pradesh 2022-2023
54 Aman Shrivastava Pharmacy Dr. Jeetendra Kumar Gupta and  Dr. Manoj Kumar Goyal Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Natural Products Against Drug - Resistant Epilepsy in Experimental Animals 2022-2023
55 Venkata Naga Mohan Manchiraju Mechanical Engineering  Dr Vijay Kumar Dwivedi and Dr Atul Ramesh Bhagat Homogenization Using Statistically Equivalent Representative Volume Element for UnidirectionalCarbon/Carbon Composites 2022-2023
56 MINAKSHI PANDEY Pharmacy Prof. Meenakshi Bajpai Design of Herbal Dosage forms for treatment of arthritis 2022-2023
57 PREETI VERMA Education  Prof. Kavita Verma A Study of Memory, Study Habits and Academicachievement of Undergraduate students studying in Government and PrivateColleges of Mathura District in Uttar Pradesh. 2022-2023
58 SAURABH ANAND Computer Science & Engineering Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Dr. Manas Kumar Mishra
Dr. Anant Ram
Self Adaptive Intelligent Mobile Crowdsensing for Secure Data Integration 2022-2023
59 NIKHIL GOVIL Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Ashish Sharma Selection of Ideal Framework, Estimation of Complexity, Cost and Development Effort in Agile Software Development 2022-2023
60 KUSUMA SAI DAVULURI Biotechnology Dr. Shoor Vir Singh
Dr. D. S. Chauhan
Role of ELR+Chemokined, VEGFA and soLTNF in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis induced angiogenesis in granuloma and in regulating the dissemination of tuberculosis infection by increasing the drug penetration 2021-2022
61 CHANDRIKA CHAHAR Education  Prof. Kavita Varma    Dr. Dayal Sandhu              Impact of Self Efficacy towards work engagement and organizational commitment amongst higher secondary school teachers 2021-2022
62 PRIYANKA GUPTA Civil Engineering Prof. Sudhir Kumar Goyal
Dr. Nakul Gupta
Predicting Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Concrete using Machine Learning Algorithms 2021-2022
63 MAMTA SINGH Microbiology & Immunology Prof. Shoorvir Singh Bioremediation of toxic metal ions by using Anabaena Variabilis and Spirulina maxima from Yamuna River water in Mathura Agra region 2021-2022
64 SUMIT NAGAR Mechanical Engineering Prof. Kamal Sharma  Characterizations and Charging Analysis of Carboxyl, Hydroxyl, and Amine Functionalized Graphene Based Phase Change Materials 2021-2022
65 SMRITI SAHU Pharmacy Prof. Pradeep Mishra
Dr. Prabhat Kr. Upadhyay
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Novel 4-Thiazolidinones 2021-2022
66 PRIYANKA JAIN English Prof. Panchanan Mohanty
Dr. Manish Kumar
Lexical and Grammatical Errors by High School Students for Hindi & English Medium Schools of Aligarh District (Uttar Pradesh) - A Comparative Study 2021-2022
67 NEERAJ Education Prof. Kavita Varma
Dr. Dayal Sandhu
A Comparative Study of Self Concept Psycho-Social Adjustment and Academic Achievement of Adolescent Children of Working & Non-Working Women 2021-2022
68 HUMA SHAFI Pharmacy Prof. Meenakshi Bajpai Development of Biodegradable Packaging Material for Food and Pharmaceuticals 2021-2022
69 PANKAJ KUMAR SINGH Mechanical Engineering Prof. (Dr.) Kamal Sharma
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singh
Electro-magneto-Chemical Synthesis of Thermally Reduced Graphene Oxide and Gold Doped Silicon Dioxide: Characterization & Applications 2021-2022
70 ASHISH SHUKLA Civil Engineering Dr. Nakul Gupta An Experimental Study on the Performance of Bacterial Concrete Embedded with Bacilli and Cocci Shape of Bacteria 2021-2022
71 ANKUR GUPTA Civil Engineering Dr. Nakul Gupta Experimental Study on the Performance of GGBS, Calcined Clay and Silica Fume based Geopolymer Concrete 2021-2022
72 DIBAKAR SINHA Computer Science & Engineering Dr. Ashish Sharma Cardiac Arrest Prediction Using Machine Learning Model 2021-2022
73 AKASH SHARMA Mechanical Engineering Dr. Vijay Kumar Dwivedi
Dr. Yesh Pal Singh
Effect of Tool Design and Process Parameter on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloy AA7075-T6 during Friction Stir Welding Process 2021-2022
74 POONAM SHARMA English Dr. Nitin Bhatnagar Female Characters on the Margin in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana as Portrayed in the Novels of Kavita Kane 2021-2022
75 SWAPNIL SRIVASTAVA Electrical Engineering Dr. Sanjay Kumar Maurya Optimization of Energy Management System and Control of Hybrid Vehicle 2021-2022
76 RAJESH KAPOOR Electronics & Communication Engineering Prof. Vishal Goyal
Dr. Aasheesh Shukla
Performance Evaluation of Massive MIMO Enabled UAV Communications towards Enhanced Battlefield Surveillance during Offensive Military Operations 2021-2022
77 ANKITA AWASTHI Mechanical Engineering Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Saxena
Prof. Ravi Kumar Dwivedi
Optimization of Equal Channel Angular Pressing Parameter for Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Al Alloy 2021-2022
78 SHALINI KUMARI Pharmacy Prof. Meenakshi Bajpai Design of Topical Herbal Formulations for Treatment of Skin Problems in High Altitude Areas 2021-2022
79 PARESH CHANDRA SAU Electronics & Communication Engineering Prof. Atul Bansal
Dr. Manish Gupta
Analysis of Vasculature in Retinal Fundus Images for Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy 2021-2022
80 RAJEEV KUMAR CHAUHAN Electrical Engineering Dr. Drug Singh Chauhan
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Maurya
Coordinated Multi-stage Distribution System Planning Incorporating Investment Cost & Operational Cost, Reliability and Demand Response 2021-2022
81 UPENDRA VERMA Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Diwakar Bhardwaj Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Fog-Enabled IoT Networks 2021-2022
82 UDAYVIR SINGH Mechanical Engineering Dr. Naveen Kumar Gupta
Prof. D. S. Chauhan
Experimental Investigation of Thermal Performance of Mesh Wick Heat Pipe Using Nanofluids 2021-2022
83 SUSMITA PRAMANIK Chemistry Prof. Deepak K Das
Prof. Parimal Karmakar
Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine, Guanine and Uric Acid using Nano-Composite of Spinels and Rare-Earch Ortho-Ferrite with Carbon Paste Electrode 2021-2022
84 MAHIMA SHARMA Pharmacy Dr. Debapriya Garabadu
Dr. Pankaj Gupta
Pharmacological Investigation of Therapeutic Potential of Bacopa monnieri in Pain Management 2021-2022
85 ALKA AGRAWAL Electronics & Communication Engineering Prof. Vishal Goyal
Dr. Puneet Mishra
Adaptive Controller Design Using Intelligent Techniques 2021-2022
86 RAHUL PRADHAN Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Dilip Kumar Sharma Study and design methods for detecting sentiment and variation in the sentiment of topic relevant tweets 2021-2022
87 AJIT Mechanical Engineering Dr. Naveen Kumar Gupta
Dr. Sujit Kumar Verma
Performance Analysis of solar still using nanofluids 2021-2022
88 DIVYA SINGH Electronics & Communication Engineering Dr. Aasheesh Shukla Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Communication System 2021-2022
89 UDAY SINGH Physics  Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh
Prof. Venktesh Singh
Prof. B.R.K. Gupta
Characteristic Study of Charged Particles for 84Kr36+ Emulsion Interactions 2021-2022
90 PUSHPLATA Physics  Dr. Anuj Vijay Anomalous heating and nonlinear wave mixing in laser produced plasmas 2021-2022
91 RAJESH KUMAR TRIPATHI Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Anand Singh Jalal Unconstrained Face Recognition across Age and Makeup Variation 2021-2022
92 MEGHA BHARGAVA Management Dr. Aneesya Panicker Impact of Intercultural communication Competence & Intercultural sensitivity on Ethnocentrism, Intercultural apprehension and Stress: An Exploration of relationships among students of HEI’s of India 2021-2022
93 NITIN KHANDELWAL Biotechnology Dr. Naveen Kumar
Dr. S. V. Singh
Studies on the antiviral activity of Apigenin against buffalopox virus 2021-2022
94 SURENDRA SINGH JADAUN English Dr. Shyam Ji A Stylistic Analysis of Select Short Stories of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala 2021-2022
95 SANTOSH KUMAR SINGH Mechanical Engineering Dr. Sujit Kumar Verma Performance Analysis of Energy Storage System using Hybrid Phase Changing Material 2021-2022
96 RAHUL KUMAR Mechanical Engineering Dr. Sujit Kumar Verma
Dr. Naveen Kumar Gupta
Performance Analysis of triangular solar air heating system 2021-2022
97 BHUVANESH SINGH Computer Applications Prof. Dilip Kumar Sharma Interpretable Deep Convolutional Frameworks for Ascertaining Image Veracity over Microblogging Platforms 2021-2022
98 PALLAVI CHATURVEDI Management Dr. Kushagra Kulshreshtha
Dr. Vikas Tripathi
Contemporary Consumer Behaviour for Addressing the Experience Economy: A Multi-Method and Mixed-Method Approach for Select Products 2021-2022
99 NEETU PAL English Dr. Manish Kumar ELT Practices in Colleges of Education in Bihar: A Case Study of TM Bhagalpur University 2021-2022
100 NANDINI SHARMA Microbiology & Immunology Dr. Alok Bhardwaj
Dr. S. P. Singh
Development of Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for determination of progesterone concentration in different physiological conditions of goat 2021-2022
101 SUNITA BHASKAR Chemistry Dr. Vivek Sharma
Dr. Anu Rahal
102 DIVYA SHARMA English Prof. Nitin Bhatnagar Socio-Cultural and Political Upheavals in Select Novels of Nayantara Sahgal 2021-2022
103 VIJAY KUMAR CHOUDHARY Management Prof. Kanhaiya Singh
Prof. Vandana Gupta
An Assessment of Strategic Disinvestment Strategies of CPSE in India-Case Analysis of Selected PSES 2021-2022
104 PRAVEEN MITTAL Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Charul Bhatnagar Automated Analysis of Diseased Retinal OCT Image Using Segmentation and Classification Technique 2021-2022
105 PRAMOD KUMAR SINHA Management  Prof. A. M. Agrawal
Prof. S. P. Aggarwal
Assessment of Startups Performance in India 2021-2022
106 KOMAL Physics  Dr. Monika Goyal Study of Shape, Size, and Temperature Dependent Thermophysical Properties of Nanomaterials 2021-2022
107 PRIYANKA SHARMA Mechanical Engineering Dr. Vinay Kumar Dwivedi
Dr. Deepak Kumar
Analysis of Thermally Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coating Subjected to High Temperature Loadings  2021-2022
108 JYOTI MANWANI Education Prof. Kavita Verma A Study of Teacher Empowerment in Relation to Teacher Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers of Agra District 2021-2022
109 RAJLAXMI MISHRA Education Prof. Kavita Verma mPp ek/;fed f'k{kk esa v/;;ujr Nk=ksa ds O;fDrRo fodkl ,oa mudh lkekftd ifjiDork rFkk miyfC/k;ksa dk fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;u 2021-2022
110 SONIA SINGH Pharmacy Prof. Pradeep Mishra
Prof. Meenakshi Bajpai
Development and Evaluation of Herbal Formulation for Hepatoprotective Activity 2021-2022
111 NIRAJ KUMAR SINGH Pharmacy Dr. Debapriya Garabadu Pharmacological Evaluation of Natural Flavonoids as nAChR Modulator in Experimentally-Induced Dementia in Rodents 2021-2022
112 HIMANSHU SHARMA Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Anand Singh Jalal Enhanced Visual Question Answering Model using Visual Representation and Scene-Text 2021-2022
113 SAURABH SINGHAL Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Ashish Sharma QoS based Multi-Objective Resource Management in Cloud Computing using Nature Inspired Algorithm 2021-2022
114 MONIKA AGRAWAL Education Prof. Kavita Verma
Dr. Dayal Sandhu
A Study of Relationship Amongst Teacher Effectiveness, Personality and Emotional Intelligence of Secondary School Teachers 2021-2022
115 SARITA SHARMA Physics Dr. Raj Pal Singh Study of Subsurface VLF Electric Field Changes Related to Earthquakes and their Lithosphere-Atmosphere Coupling  2021-2022
116 POOJA CHATURVEDI Physics Dr. Monika Goyal Study of Shape, Size and Pressure Dependent Thermodynamic Properties of Bulk Solids and Nanomaterials 2021-2022
117 VIKRAM SINGH Biotechnology Dr. Anjana Goel
Dr. Ravindra P. Turankar 
Mycobacterium laprae and its transmission in leprosy endemic regions of India: An understanding through molecular study of leprosy patients, contacts and their environment 2021-2022
118 SHILPI PATHAK Pharmacy Prof. Pradeep Mishra Method Development and Validation of Some Drugs By RP-HPLC and UV 2021-2022
119 SINGH ABHISHEK KUMAR SUNIL KUMAR Pharmacy Prof. Meenakshi Bajpai Design and Development of Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System 2021-2022
120 SHOBHIT SARASWAT Electronics & Communication Engineering Dr. Vinay Kumar Tomar
Dr. Vinay Kumar Deolia
Electrical  Characterization of Some Amorphous Semiconductor  Material 2021-2022
121 HAREKRISHNA KUMAR Electronics & Communication Engineering Dr. Vinay Kumar Tomar Sub-threshold Memory Circuits for Ultra-Low Power Applications 2021-2022
122 SONALI GAUTAM Chemistry Dr. Vinod Vashistha
Dr. Anuj Kumar
Phyto-Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles of Transition Metals and Their Electrochemical and Biological Evaluation 2021-2022
123 DURGESH AGNIHOTRI Management Dr. Kushagra Kulshreshtha
Dr. Vikas Tripathi
A Study of Service Failure and Service Recovery Dimensions in the Context of Attributions, Impact and Strategies for Customer Delight 2021-2022
124 VANDNA SRIVASTAVA Mathematics Dr. Umesh Kumar Sharma Some Tsallis Holographic Dark Energy Models in General Relativity 2021-2022
125 KESHAV BANSAL Pharmacy Prof. Meenakshi Bajpai Development of Pharmaceutical Excipients from Natural Sources 2021-2022
126 SUBHASH CHAND AGRAWAL Computer Science & Engineering Dr. Anad Singh Jalal  Probabilistic and Superpixel based Methods for Image Dehazing 2021-2022
127 LOKESH SINGH Mechanical Engineering Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Saxena
Dr. Shankar Sehgal
Fabrication of Metal Matrix Composite for Enhancement of Mechanical Properties by Friction Stir Processing using Groove Technology 2021-2022
128 GUNJAN VARSHNEY Mathematics Prof. Anirudh Pradhan
Dr. Umesh Kumar Sharma
Tsallis Holographic Dark Energy Models in General Relativity and Modified Gravity 2021-2022
129 VIBHAV VARSHNEY Pharmacy Dr. Debapriya Garabadu Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Natural compounds on Brain-Renin Angiotensin System (RAS) During Dementia in Experimental Animals 2021-2022
130 MANISHA PARASHAR Management Prof. Anoop Kumar Gupta
Prof Sonjaya S. Gaur
Faculty Member’s Relational Behaviour with Management in the Context of Higher Education 2021-2022
131 KULDEEP KUMAR DHAR Management Dr. Utkal Khandelwal Impact of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Supply Chain Management 2021-2022
132 PRAGYA LAKSHMI Microbiology & Immunology Dr. Alok Bhardwaj
Dr. Ranjan Kumar Srivastava
A Study of Bacteriuria in Pregnant Women of Different Socio-economic Groups and Antibiogram Pattern  2021-2022
133 HIMANI OBERAI Management Prof. A. M. Agrawal
Prof. Sanjaya Singh Gaur
Consequences of Adverse Consumer Behavioral Events in the Context of Healthcare  2021-2022
134 RAKESH KUMAR Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Diwakar Bhardwaj
Prof. Manas Kumar Mishra
Event Driven Energy Balanced Adaptive Routing Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network 2021-2022
135 ASHISH SACHDEVA Electronics & Communication Engineering Dr. V. K. Tomar Performance Evaluation of Low Leakage SRAM Cell with Sense Amplifier Circuit 2021-2022
136 RAHUL TIWARI Chemistry Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh
Dr. Ajay Taneja
Chemical Characterization in Terms of Metals of Ambient Fine Particulate Matter at Three Different Traffic Junctions of Northern India 2021-2022
137 SHIVANI AGRAWAL Management Dr. Utkal Khandelwal
Prof. Naval Bajpai
Impact of Brand Anthropomorphism on Audience Attitude : A Cross-Media Investigation 2021-2022
138 ARVIND KUMAR YADAV Electrical Engineering Dr. V. K. Deolia
Dr. Sanjay Agrawal
Performance Evaluation of Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications 2021-2022
139 RAJKUMAR SHARMA Mechanical Engineering Prof. Piyush Singhal Characterization, Modeling and Response Analysis of Uncertain Supply Chains 2021-2022
140 SUNIL ANAND Mechanical Engineering Dr. Piyush Singhal  Sustainability Through Eco-Leasing: A case of Indian Automobile Sector 2021-2022
141 DIWAKAR AGARWAL Electronics & Communication Engineering Dr. Atul Bansal Fusion of Pores and Texture Features of the Fingerprint for Forensic Applications 2021-2022
142 KARUNA ANAND Management Dr. Aruna Dhamija Impact of Job Satisfaction, Organizational Justice and Organizational Commitment on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in Public Sector Banks 2021-2022
143 REKHA Education Prof. Kavita Verma vyhx<+ ftyss ds egkfo|ky;ksa esa dk;Zjr efgyk vkpk;ksZ dh lekt ijd Lora=rk ij mPp f'k{kk dk izHkko 2020-2021
144 RISHA KHANDELWAL Management Prof. Kanhaiya Singh
Prof. Thadavillil Jithendranathan
Stock Market Integration "Evidences from India and its Emerging, Frontier Counterparts  2020-2021
145 RAKESH KAUSHIK Biotechnology Dr. Anjana Goel
Dr. P. K. Rout
Heat Stress Regulation in Differential Stress Tolerance Phenotype and Comparative Expression Analysis of Different Genes in Goat 2020-2021
146 BHARAT SINGH Mechanical Engineering Prof. Piyush Singhal
Dr. Kuldeep Saxena
Experimental Investigation of Friction Stir Welded AA2024 and their Electro-Discharge Machining Characteristics 2020-2021
147 SARIKA GUPTA Education Prof. Kavita Verma ljdkjh ,oa xSj&ljdkjh fo'ofo|ky;ksa ds vkpk;ksZ esa thou dh xq.kRrk ds lEcU/k esa rqyukRed v/;;u 2020-2021
148 ANJALI PRAJAPATI Chemistry Dr. Abhishek Srivastava
Prof. Panchanan Pramanik
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles of Functionalized albamin and Possible Applications in Cancer Drug Delivery 2020-2021
149 YATI SHARMA Pharmacy Dr. Debapriya Garabadu Pharmacological Evaluation of Glutamatergic Drugs Against Streptozotocin-Challenged Dementia Rats 2020-2021
150 BHUPESH CHANDRA SEMWAL Pharmacy Dr. Debapriya Garabadu Evaluation of Potential Role of Adenosine Receptor in the Management of Experimentally-Induced Dementia in Mice 2020-2021
151 LOKESH KUMAR SHARMA Physics  Dr. Benoy Kumar Singh
Prof. Anil Kumar Yadav
A Study on Cosmological Models in Modified Theory of Gravity 2020-2021
152 AHSAS GOYAL Pharmacy Dr. Debapriya Garabadu Pharmacological Evaluation of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors Against Dementia in Estrogen-Deficient Female Rats 2020-2021
153 MOHAN GUPTA Mechanical Engineering Dr. Kamal Sharma Experimental investigation of heat transfer and pressure drop in a circular tube using many inserts with working fluid water 2020-2021
154 PIYUSH MISHRA Computer Science & Engineering Dr. Charul Bhatnagar Automated Severity Grading for Ocular Manifestations due to Systemic Diseases using Retinal OCT Images 2020-2021
155 ANUJA BHARGAVA Electronics & Communication Engineering  Dr. Atul Bansal Quality Evaluation of Fruits using Image Processing  2020-2021
156 ANKITA RAJ Management Prof. A. M. Agrawal Indian Rural Women Empowerment through Employment: Opportunities and Challenges 2020-2021
157 RITESH KUMAR SHARMA Biotechnology Dr. Anjana Goel Antimicrobial and Cytokine Mediated Immunomodulatory Effect of Lawsonia Inermis Linn. in Salmonella typhimurium Infection 2020-2021
158 JITENDRA KAUSHIK Mathematics Dr. Ashish Sharma Studies on Inventory Models for the Deteriorating Items 2020-2021
159 ILA MEHROTRA Management Prof. A. M. Agrwal
Prof. Sanjaya Singh Gaur
Role of Emotions and Individual Values in Response to Government Actions 2020-2021
160 NEERAJ GUPTA Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Anand Singh Jalal Scene Understanding with the Integration of Salient Textual Cues 2020-2021
161 SMITA SINGH Management Prof. A. M. Agrwal A Study of e-HRM in Selected Organizations (Case Study) 2020-2021
162 MOHD. AAMIR KHAN Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Anand Singh Jalal Suspect Identification using Visual and Linguistic Information  2020-2021
163 SHASHI SHEKHAR Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Dilip Kumar Sharma
Prof. M. M. Sufyan Beg
Linguistic Structural Framework for Discovering User Intent in Mixed Script Queries Based on Roman Transliteration  2020-2021
164 NITIN TYAGI Computer Science & Engineering Dr. Manas Kumar Mishra Artificial Immune System Based Problematic Node Identification in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks 2020-2021
165 SONI SHARMA Physics  Dr. Anuj Vijay High Power Laser Interaction with Nanotube and Nanoparticles 2020-2021
166 AMIT AGRAWAL Management Prof. Somesh Dhamija  Factors Influencing Investment Decision Making Process - A Select Study 2020-2021
167 ROHIT AGARWAL Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Anand Singh Jalal
Dr. K. V. Arya
Multimodal Liveness Detection System for Presentation Attacks on Fingerprint and Iris Biometrics 2020-2021
168 SHEELENDRA KUMAR Physics  Dr. Anuj Vijay Properties of Materials at High Pressures and High Temperatures Using the Stacey Reciprocal K-primed Equation of State" 2020-2021
169 SHAHABUDDIN Mechanical Engineering Prof. V. K. Dwivedi Experimental and Analytical Study of Friction Stir Welding Process on AA7075 Aluminum Alloys Under Different Welding Parameters 2020-2021
170 ANUPAM SHARMA Computer Science & Engineering Prof. D. S. Chauhan
Prof. Charul Bhatnagar
Passive Geolocation of RF Emitters using 3D-TDOA and Joint TDOA/FDOA Measurements from Diverse Platforms: Algorithms and Performance Analysis 2020-2021
171 DIMPAL PAHWA English Prof. Anoop Gupta
Dr. Prateek Pandey
Patriarchal Oppression of Women in Select Works of Mahasweta Devi, Toni Morrison, and Kiran Desai: A Comparative Study  2019-2020
172 KUNDAN KUMAR CHAUBEY Microbiology & Immunology Prof. Shoorvir Singh
Prof. A. K. Bhatia
Development of a recombinant cultural filtrate protein(s) based ELISA for differentiation of MAP-infected and vaccinated animals 2019-2020
173 SUDHA SRINIVASAN Computer Science & Engineering Prof. D. S. Chauhan,
A Comprehensive Methodology for Validation of High Integrity Software System 2019-2020
174 MANISH KUMAR Electronics & Communication Engineering Prof. V. K. Deolia Low Voltage and Low Power LNA for Ultra Wide Band Applications 2019-2020
175 AVNISH SHARMA Management  Prof. Rakesh Agrawal
Dr. Utkal Khandelwal
Impact of Ethical Leadership Behaviour on Organisational Commitment with Mediating Effect of Trust in Leader and Moderating Effect of Organisational Cynicism 2019-2020
176 NEETU AGRAWAL Pharmacy Prof. Pradeep Mishra Syntheses and Biological Evaluation of Some Isoxazoles 2019-2020
177 YOGESH KUMAR Pharmacy Prof. Pradeep Mishra Evaluation of Some Novel Synthesized Flavanones 2019-2020
178 MANOJ KUMAR SHUKLA Mechanical Engineering Prof. Kamal Sharma Modeling, Simulation and Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of graphene/CNT Epoxy Hybrid Composites 2019-2020
179 APOORVA SAXENA Electrical Engineering Prof. D. S. Chauhan                 Simulation & Performance Analysis of Single-phase H Bridge Micro Inverters with Virtual Impedance Control 2019-2020
180 YOGENDRA KUMAR Chemistry Prof. Dipak Kumar Das
Prof. P. Pramanik
Synthesis of Nano Sized Metal Oxides Particles, Their Characterization and Applications for Detection of Drug-molecules in Bio-Fluids 2019-2020
181 PRIYANKA GARG Mathematics Dr. Anirudh Pradhan
Dr. Rashid Zia
Study of Some Dark Energy Models with Reference to Accelerated Expansion of the Universe 2019-2020
182 TRIPTI TRIPATHI Electronics & Communication Engineering Prof. D. S. Chauhan
Dr. S. K. Singh
6T Sram Cell Design for Low Leakage Current and Improvement of Cell Parameters in Standby Mode 2019-2020
183 ANAND KUMAR GUPTA Management  Prof. A. M. Agrwal An Investigative Study of Direct and Spillover Effect of Rail Passenger Crowding on Commuters' Well-Being 2019-2020
184 SANJAY KUMAR KATIYAR Electronics & Communication Engineering Prof. D. S. Chauhan Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna 2019-2020
185 DEEPIKA PANDOI Management  Prof. Anoop Kumar Gupta
Prof. S. S. Gaur
The Role of Emotions and Virtues in Decision to Commit Plagiarism 2019-2020
186 RANJANA NALLAMALLI Computer Science & Engineering Prof. D. S. Chauhan Methodology for Rapid Formal Verification of Domain Specific System Model 2019-2020
187 PREETI TARKAR Management  Prof. Somesh Dhamija
Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh
Quality of Life and Work Intention After Superannuation 2019-2020
188 GOPAL PRASAD AGRAWAL Pharmacy Prof. Pradeep Mishra
Prof. R. K. Maheshwari
Development & Evaluation of Dosage Forms for Poorly Water Soluble Drugs Using Hydrotropic Solubilisation Technique 2019-2020
189 MEGHA KHANDELWAL English Prof. Anoop Kumar Gupta
Dr. Anju Bala Agrawal
Parsi Culture and Tradition in the Novels of Rohinton Mistry 2019-2020
190 SURBHI AGARWAL Biotechnology Prof. S. D. Kharche
Prof. A. K. Bhatia
Isolation and Characterization of Putative Embryonic Stem Cell Derived from in Vitro Produced Caprine Embryos 2019-2020
191 JUHI PATHAK Biotechnology Prof. S. D. Kharche
Dr. Anjana Goel
To Study Chimeric Goat Embryo Production by Tetraploid Complementation Assay 2019-2020
192 SHIVANGI Mathematics Dr. Manish Goyal A Computational Study of Variational Iteration Method in Solving Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations 2019-2020
193 KUSHAGRA KULSHRESHTHA Management  Prof. Vikas Tripathi
Prof. Naval Bajpai
Consumer Preference for Consumer Durables : A Conjoint Analysis Approach for Selected Products  2019-2020
194 PRADEEP KUMAR SINGH Mechanical Engineering Prof. Kamal Sharma  Mechanical Characterization and Simulation of Amine Functionalized Multilayered Graphen/Epoxy Nanocomposites 2018-2019
195 SUBHASH CHANDRA Electrical Engineering Prof. D. S. Chauhan               
Dr. Sanjay Agrawal
Performance Evaluation of Solar Photovoltaic System Using Soft Computing Technique 2018-2019
196 NITIN WAHI Biotechnology Prof. A.K. Bhatia
Dr. Seema Bhadauria
Isolation, Identification and Characterization of Chlorella Strain as a Potential Biofuel Source 2018-2019
197 SONALI AGRAWAL Biotechnology Prof. A. K. Bhatia An Investigation on expression of T Regulatory Cell Associated markers and their Implications Towards Treatment Monitoring in Tuberceulosis Patients  2018-2019
198 ANEESYA PANICKER  Management Dr. Utkal Khandelwal Impact of Workplace Diversity on Organizational Citizenship Behavior with the Mediating Effect of Workplace Inclusion Organizational Commitment and Organizational Identification 2018-2019
199 SEEMANT KUMAR YADAV Management Prof. Vikas Tripathi Effect of Market Orientation on SMEs Performance 2018-2019
200 TRIPTI SINGH Microbiology & Immunology Prof. A. K. Bhatia Investigation of Integrated Approach of Biodegradation and Photodegradation of p-cresol Pollutant 2018-2019
201 PARVEEN PIPPAL Chemistry Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh Development of Condensed Heterocyclic Modecules Using Calcium and Nickel Ferrites as Catalyst 2018-2019
202 AVINASH SAMUEL Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Dilip Kumar Sharma Topical Summarization and Visualization of Events from Microblog Stream 2018-2019
203 DINESH CHANDRA MAURYA Mathematics Prof. Anirudh Pradhan Some Cosmological Models in Einstein's and its Modified Gravity Theories with Time Dependent Deceleration Parameter 2018-2019
204 PRABHAT KUMAR UPADHYAY Pharmacy Prof. Pradeep Mishra Syntheis and Biological Evaluation of Some Substituted 1, 3, 4 Oxadiazoles, 1, 3, 4 Thiadiazoles and 1, 2, 4 Triazoles 2018-2019
205 SHOBHA BANSAL Chemistry Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh Study of Bismuth Nitrate Pentahydrate, An Useful and Efficient Catalyst for the Epoxide Ring Opening and Synthesis of Some Heterocyclic Compounds 2018-2019
206 UMESH KUMAR SHARMA Mathematics Prof. Anirudh Pradhan On Some Homogeneous Anisotropic Cosmological Models in Einstein's Modified Field Equations 2018-2019
207 HARSIMRAN KAUR Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Ashish Sharma An Early Identification, Specification and Modelling of Non-Functional Requirements using SRS Document 2018-2019
208 PUJA GOEL Biotechnology Dr. A. K. Goel
Prof. A. K. Bhatia
Optimization of in vitro Embroyo Development Potential with Special Reference to Blastocyst Production in Goats 2018-2019
209 JEETENDRA KUMAR GUPTA Pharmacy Prof. Pradeep Mishra Synthesis Pharmacological Evaluation of some Novel Triazoles 2018-2019
210 ANANT RAM Computer Science & Engineering Dr. Manas Kumar Mishra Density Based Geographic Routing Protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks 2017-2018
211 PRADEEP KUMAR CHOUDHARY Biotechnology Dr. A. K. Bhatia
Dr. Anjana Goel
Antimicrobial and Immunomodulatory Activity of Solanum xanthocarpum with reference to cytokines induction and their expression 2017-2018
212 SAURABH GUPTA Biotechnology Dr. A. K. Bhatia
Dr. Shoor Vir Singh
Studies on Immunogenicity of Secretory Proteins of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis 2017-2018
213 AASHEESH SHUKLA Electronics & Communication Engineering Dr. V. K. Deolia Role of Chaos in Spread Spectrum Systems 2017-2018
214 ASHISH SHARMA Computer Science & Engineering Prof. A. S. Jalal
Dr. Ashish Sharma
Approximation Clustering Algorithms for Facility Location Problems 2017-2018
215 BIPLAB SARKAR Physics  Prof. Anirudh Pradhan
Prof. B. R. K. Gupta
A Study on Implementation of New Improved Methodologies in Modern Radiotherapy for Better Clinical Practice 2017-2018
216 UPENDRA KUMAR GIRI Physics  Prof. Anirudh Pradhan
Prof. B. R. K. Gupta
A Study in Patient Specific Imaging, Consistency, Setup Error and Dose Verification in Modern Radiotherapy Implementation 2017-2018
217 VISHAL KHANDELWAL Biotechnology Prof. A. K. Bhatia
Dr. Anjana Goel
Studies on Antimicrobial and Immunomodulatory Properties of Anthocephalus cadamba with Reference to Cytokine(s) Induction and Their Expression 2017-2018
218 AMIT KUMAR Management Dr. Somesh Dhamija
Dr. Sanjaya S Gaur
An Analysis of Political Branding from the Indian Democratic Perspective 2017-2018
(Transfer Case)
Management Prof. Durg Singh Chauhan
Dr. Varun Gupta
Status of Non Functional Requirements Focused Practices & Their Impact on Project & Business Success : An Empirical Analysis 2017-2018
220 SHIVA DURGA English Prof. Anoop Kumar Gupta
Prof. Nitin Bhatnagar
The Impact of the Bhagavad Gita on R. W. Emerson 2017-2018
221 MANOJ KUMAR Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Charul Bhatnagar Detecting Multiple Moving Objects and Interpreting their Motion Pattern in Crowded Environment 2017-2018
222 SUJIT KUMAR VERMA Mechanical Engineering Dr. Arun Kumar Tiwari
Prof. Durg Singh Chauhan
Performance Analysis of Flat Plate Solar Collector using Nanofluids 2017-2018
223 SANJEEV SHARMA Mechanical Engineering Dr. Surendra Kumar
Dr. Rudra Pratap Singh
Development of Nano Structured Material by Severe Plastic Deformation Process for Ductile Metals 2017-2018
224 KOMAL KHANDELWAL Management  Prof. Anoop Kumar Gupta
Dr. Ashwani Kumar
A Study of Predictors of Sales Training Effectiveness : With Specific Reference to Pharmaceutical Industry 2016-2017
225 VIKAS KUMAR SHARMA Mechanical Engineering Dr. Surendra Kumar
Dr. V. K. Dwivedi
Hydrodynamic action at Interface during Mechanical Processing 2016-2017
226 VISHAL GOYAL Electronics & Communication Engineering Prof. T. N. Sharma
Dr. V. K. Deolia
Controller Design for Discrete-Time-Delayed Nonlinear System Using Sliding Mode Control Technique 2016-2017
227 MANOJ KUMAR AGRAWAL Mechanical Engineering Prof. Piyush Singhal
Prof. Surender Kumar 
“Improving Customer Responsiveness and Productivity Through Lean
Manufacturing Philosophy”
228 NEETU SOROT Physics  Prof. B. R. K. Gupta Study of Anharmonic Elastic Properties of Nanomaterials under High Temperature and High Pressure 2016-2017
229 PRATEEK MAHESHWARI Management  Dr. Nitin Seth
Dr. Anoop Gupta
Advertisement Effectiveness in Print Media : A Select Study 2016-2017
230 AMBUJ KUMAR MISHRA Mathematics Dr. J. K. Prajapat
Prof. P. K. Tandon
Investigation of Geometric Properties of Certain New Classes of Analytic Functions 2016-2017
231 PRATIBHA KUMARI Mechanical Engineering Dr. Surendra Kumar
Dr. Rudra Pratap Singh
Studies on Weld Bead Geometry, Wear Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Nano Structured Weld Surfacing 2016-2017
232 DIWAKAR BHARDWAJ Computer Science & Engineering Prof. Krishna Kant
Prof. Durg Singh Chauhan
QOS Based Routing Protocols for Video Transmission Over Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks 2016-2017
233 VIVEK AGRAWAL Management  Dr. Vikas Tripathi
Dr. Nitin Seth
Assessment of E-Service Quality in Indian Banking Sector: A Select Study 2015-2016
234 SHRIKANT JAIN Mechanical Engineering Dr. S. Kumar
Dr. R. K. Ranjan
Deformation Characteristics of PorousMetallic Composites
at Different Strain Rates
235 MONIKA GOYAL Physics  Prof. B. R. K. Gupta Study of Compressional and Elastic Behaviour of Nanomaterials
under High Pressure