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Awardee PhD Scholars

Ph.D. Candidate Details (Awardee)
S.No.  Name of the
Part Time/Full Time Department Research Title/ Topic Name of Supervisor (s)
1 Monika Goyal  Part Time Physics Study of compressional andelastic behaviour of nanomaterials under high pressure Prof. B.R.K. Gupta
2 Shrikant Jain  Part Time Mechanical Egineering Deformation Characteristics of Porous Metallic Composites at Different Strain Rates Dr. Surender Kumar
3 Vivek Agrawal Part Time  Management An assessment of E-Service quality in
Indian banking sector: A select  study
Prof. Vikas Tripathi
Dr. Nitin Seth, IIFT, New Delhi
4 Diwakar Bhardwaj Part Time Computer Engineering & Application QOS Based Routing Protocols for Video Transmission over Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Prof. D.S Chauhan 
Prof. Krishna Kant
5 Pratibha Kumari  Part Time Mechanical Egineering studies on weld bead geometry, wear behaviour and mechanical properties of nano structured weld surfacing  Dr. Rudra Ptp. Singh
6 Ambuj Kumar Mishra Part Time Mathematics Geometrical Properties of Certain new classes of Analytic Functions Dr. J. K Prajapat
  Prof. P.K Tandon
7 Prateek Maheshwari Part Time  Management Advertisement effectiveness in
print media: A select study.
Prof. Anoop Kumar Gupta
Dr. Nitin Seth, IIFT, New Delhi
8 Neetu Sorot Part Time Physics Study of an hormonic elasticproperties of nanomaterials under high temperature and high pressure Prof. B.R.K. Gupta
9 Vikas Kumar Sharma Part Time Mechanical Egineering Hydrodynamic action at interface during material processing Dr. V. K. Dwivedi
Dr. S. Kumar
10 Vishal Goyal Part Time Electronics & Commuication Engineering Controller design for dicrete-time-delayed non-linear system using sliding mode control technique Prof. T. N. Sharma
Prof. V. K. Deolia
11 Manoj Kumar Agrawal Part Time Mechanical Egineering Improving Customer Responsiveness and Productivity Through Lean Manufacturing Philosophy Dr. Surender Kumar
12 Komal Khandelwal Part Time  Management A Study on Predictors of Sales Training Effectiveness: With specific reference to Pharmaceutical Industry Prof. Ashwani Kr. Upadhyay
Prof. Anoop Kr. Gupta
13 Sanjeev Sharma Part Time Mechanical Egineering Development of nano structured materials by severe plastic deforestation process for ductile metals Dr. Rudra Ptp. Singh
14 Sujit Kumar Verma Part Time Mechanical Egineering Performance analysis of flat plate solar collector using nanofluids Dr. Arun Kr. Tiwari
15  Shiva Durga Full Time English The impact of Bhagwat Gita on Ralf Waldo Emerson Prof. Anoop K. Gupta 
Dr. Nitin Bhatnagar
16 Manoj Kumar Part Time Computer Engineering & Application Detecting Multiple Moving Objects and Interpreting their Motion Pattern in Crowded Environment Prof. Charul Bhatnagar
17 Raj Kumar Chopra Part Time  Management Status of Non-Functional Requirements Focused Practies and their Impact on Project and Business Success: An Empirical Analysis Prof. D. S. Chauhan
18 Amit Kumar Part Time  Management An Analysis of Political Branding in the Indian Democratic Perspective Dr. Somesh Dhamija
19  Vishal Khandelwal Part Time Biotechnology Studies on antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties of anthocephalus cadamba with reference to cytokine (s) induction and their expression Prof. A.K. Bhatia
Dr. Anjana Goel 
20 Upendra Kumar Giri Part Time Physics A study in patient specific imaging, consistency, setup error and close verfication in modern radiotherapy implementation Prof. Anirudh Pradhan
Prof. B.R.K. Gupta
21 Biplab Sarkar Part Time Physics A study on implementation on new improved methodologies in modern radiotherapy for better clinical practice Prof. Anirudh Pradhan
Prof. B.R.K. Gupta
22 Ashish Sharma Part Time Computer Engineering & Application Approximation Clustering Algorithms for Facility Location Problems Prof. A.S Jalal 
Dr. Ashish Sharma
23 Aasheesh Shukla Part Time Electronics & Commuication Engineering Role of Chaos in Spread Spectrum Communication Prof. V. K. Deolia
24 Saurabh Gupta Full Time Biotechnology Studies on Immunogenicity of secretary proteins of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis Prof. A.K. Bhatia
Dr. Shoor Vir Singh
25  Pradeep Kumar Choudhary  Part Time Biotechnology Antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties of solanum xanthocarpum with reference to cytokines induction and their expression  Prof. A.K. Bhatia
Dr. Anjana Goel 
26 Anant Ram Part Time Computer Engineering & Application Density Based Routing Protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Dr. Manas K Mishra
27 Jeetendra Kumar Gupta Part Time Pharmacology Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Novel Triazoles. Prof. Pradeep Mishra
28  Puja Goel Full Time Biotechnology Optimization of in-vitro embryo development potential with special reference to Blastocyst production Dr. A.K. Goyal
Prof. A.K. Bhatia
29 Harsimran Kaur Part Time Computer Engineering & Application Metric Suite for the Quantification of Non Functional Requirements Prof. Ashish Sharma
30 Umesh Kumar Sharma Part Time Mathematics On some homogeneous anisotropic cosmological models in Einstein's modified field equations Dr. A. Pradhan
31  Shobha Bansal Full Time Chemistry Development of Condensed Heterocycle Molecules using Bismuth Nitrate as catalyst Dr Prabal Pratap Singh
32  Prabhat K Upadhayay Part Time Pharmacology Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Novel 1,3,4-Oxadiazoles,1,3,4-Thiadiazoles and 1,3,4-Triazoles* Prof. Pradeep Mishra
33 Avinash Samuel Full Time Computer Engineering & Application Topical Summarization and Visualization of Events from Microblog Stream Prof. Dilip K Sharma
34 Dinesh Chandra Maurya Part Time Mathematics Some Cosmological Models in Einstein's and Its Modified Gravity Theories with Time Dependent Deceleration Parameter Dr. A. Pradhan
Dr. Rashid Zia
35  Parveen Pippal Full Time Chemistry Study of Bismuth Nitrate Pentahydrate as useful Catalyst for the epoxide Ring Opening and Synthesis of Some Heterocylic Compounds Dr Prabal Pratap Singh
36  Tripti Singh Full Time Biotechnology Comparative Evaluation of Biodegradation and Photodegradation of phenolic compounds Prof. A.K. Bhatia
Prof. P.K. Mishra, Chemical Engg. Dept., BHU, Varanasi
37 Seemant Yadav Part Time  Management Effect of Market Orientation on SME's Performance Dr. Vikas Tripathi
Prof. Geetika, MNNIT, Allahabad
38 Aneesya Panicker Part Time  Management A Study on Workplace diversity and inclusion in Relation to Organizational Identification, Commitment, OCB & Intention to leave. Dr. Utkal Khandelwal
Dr. R.K Agrawal, IIM, Kashipur
39 Sonali Agrawal Full Time Biotechnology An investigation on expression of Tregulatory cell associated markers and their implications towards treatment monitoring in tuberculosis patients Dr. Om Prakash, JALMA, Agra
Prof. A.K. Bhatia
40  Nitin Wahi        Part Time Biotechnology Isolation, identification and characterization of chlorella strains as a potential biofuel source Prof. A.K. Bhatia,
Dr. Seema Bhadauria, Botony Dept., RBS College, Agra
41 Subhash Chandra Part Time Electrical Engineering Performance Evaluation of Solar Photovoltatic (SPV) System using Soft Computing Technique Prof. D. S. Chauhan 
Dr. Sanjay Agrawal(IGNOU, Delhi)         
42 Pradeep Kumar Singh Part Time Mechanical Egineering Mechanical Characterization and Simulation of Amine Functionalized Multilayered Graphen/Epoxy Nanocomposites Dr. Kamal Sharma
43  Kushagra Kulshrestha Part Time  Management Consumer preference of consumer durable Dr. Vikas Tripathi
Dr. Naval Bajpai, ABV-IIITM, Gwalior
44 Shivangi Gupta Part Time Mathematics A Computational Study of Variational Iteration Method in Solving Non Linear Partial Differential Equations Dr. Manish Goyal
45 Surabhi Agrawal   Full Time Biotechnology Isolation and characterization of putative embryonic stem cell derived from in vitro produced Caprine embryos Dr. A.K. Bhatia
46 Juhi Pathak Full Time Biotechnology Production of chimeric goat embryo by tetraploid complementation assay using parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells Dr. Anjana Goel
47 Megha Khandelwal Part Time English Parsi Culture and Tradition in The Novels of Rohinton Mistry Prof. Anoop K. Gupta
Prof. Anju Bala Agrawal
48 Gopal Prasad Agrawal Part Time Pharmacology Development and Evaluation of Liquid Dosages Forms for Poorly Water Soluble Drugs During Hydrotropic Solubilisation Technique. Prof. Pradeep Mishra
Prof. R.K. Maheshwari
(Department of Pharmacy, SGSITS, Indore)
49 Preeti Tarkar Part Time  Management goods: A conjoint analysis Dr. Somesh Dhamija
Prof. Pawan Kumar Singh, IIM Indore
50 Ranjana Khattar Part Time Computer Engineering & Application Study in Formal Verifiabality of Software Components in Mission Critical Systems Prof. D.S Chauhan
51 Deepika Pandoi Part Time  Management Decision to Commit Plagiarism: The Role of Emotions and Virtues Prof. Anoop Kumar Gupta
52 Sanjay Kumar Katiyar Part Time Electronics & Commuication Engineering Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna Prof. D.S. Chauhan
Prof. D.K. Srivastava
53 Anand Kumar Gupta Part Time  Management To Study the Direct and Spillover Effect of Rail Passenger Crowding on Commutes Well-Being Prof. A.M. Agrawal
Prof. Pawan Kumar Singh, IIM Indore
54 Tripti Tripathi Part Time Electronics & Commuication Engineering 6T SRAM cell design for low leakage current and improvement of cell parameters in standby mode Prof. D.S. Chauhan,
Dr. S.K. Singh
55 Priyanka Garg Part Time Mathematics Study of Some Dark Energy Models with Reference to Accelerated Expansion of The Universe Dr. A. Pradhan
Dr. Rashid Zia
56 Yogendra Kumar Part Time Chemistry Synthesis of Nano Sized metal Oxides Particles their Charactrization and Applications for Detection of Drug-Molecules in Bio-fluids Prof. D K Das
Prof. P. Pramanik
57  Manoj Kumar Shukla Part Time Mechanical Egineering Modeling,  Simulation and Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of graphene/ CNT Epoxy Hybrid Composites Prof. Kamal Sharma
58 Apoorva Saxena Part Time Electrical Engineering Simultation & Performance Analysis of 1 & 4 Bridge Microinverter with Virtual Resistive Capacitive Fuel Back Loop Prof. D. S. Chauhan
59 Avnish Sharma Part Time  Management A Study on association of Ethical leadership behavior and Subordinate outcomes. Dr. Utkal Khandelwal
Dr. R.K Agrawal, IIM, Kashipur
60 Neetu Agrawal Part Time Pharmacology Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some  Isoxazoles. Prof. Pradeep Mishra
61 Yogesh Kumar Part Time Pharmacology Evaluation of Some Novel Synthesized Flavanones. Prof. Pradeep Mishra
62 Sudha Srinivasan Part Time Computer Engineering & Application IV&V of Embedded System Software Prof. D.S Chauhan
63 Manish Kumar Part Time Electronics & Commuication Engineering   Prof. V. K. Deolia
64 Kundan Kumar Chaubey Part Time Biotechnology Development of a recombinant cultural filtrate protein(s) based ELISA for differentiation of MAP-infected and vaccinated animals Dr. Shoor Vir Singh
Prof. A.K. Bhatia 
65 Dimpal Pahwa Part Time English Voice of Women: A Comparative Syudy of Scminal Issue and Challenges in The Novels of Kiran Desi, Mahasweta Devi and Toni Morrison
Prof. Anoop K. Gupta
Dr. Prateek Pandey
66 Shahbuddin Part Time Mechanical Egineering Friction Stir Welding of AA7075 under different welding conditions Dr. Vijay Kr. Dwivedi
67 Anupam Sharma Part Time Computer Engineering & Application Target Localization Using RF Signals from Diverse Plateforms Prof. D.S Chauhan
68 Sheelendra Kumar Part Time Physics Solid State Theory Prof. Anuj Vijay
69 Rohit Agrawal Part Time  Computer Engineering & Application Multimodal Liveness Detection System for Presentation Attacks on Fingerprint and Iris Biometrics. Prof. A. S Jalal
70 Amit Agrawal Part Time  Management Factors Influencing Investment decision making process: A select study Dr. Somesh Dhamija
Prof. Justin Paul, IIFT, New Delhi
71 Soni Sharma Full Time Physics High Power Laser Interaction with Nanotubes and Nanoparticles Prof. Anuj Vijay
72 Nitin Tyagi Part Time Computer Engineering & Application Security in MANET Prof. Dilip K Sharma
73 Shashi Shekhar Part Time  Computer Engineering & Application Linguistic Structural Framework for Discovering User Intent in Mixed Script Queries Based on Roman Transliteration. Prof. Dilip K Sharma
74 Md. Aamir Khan Full Time Computer Engineering & Application Face Retrieval using Visual & Linguistice Information Prof. A. S Jalal
75 Smita Singh Part Time  Management A Study of e-HRM in Selected Organizations- A Case Study  Prof. A. M. Agrawal
76 Neeraj Gupta Part Time Computer Engineering & Application Scene Understanding with the Integration of Salient Textual Cues. Prof. A. S Jalal
77 Ila Mehrotra Part Time  Management A Role of Moral Emotions and Individual differences in Consumer Responses to Government Green and Non Green Actions Prof. S.S. Gaur, Auckland University, Newzeland
78 Jitendra Kaushik Part Time Mathematics Studies on inventory models for the deteriorating items Dr. Ashish Sharma
79  Ritesh Sharma  Full Time Biotechnology Antimicrobial and Immunomodulatory effect of Lawsonia inermis on Salmonella typhimurium infection by modulating the cytokines production Dr. Anjana Goel 
80 Ankita Raj Part Time  Management Indian Rural Women Empowerment through Employment: Opportunities and Challenges Prof. A M Agrawal
81 Anuja Bhargava Full Time Electronics & Commuication Engineering Vegetable quality evaluation using image processing Prof. Atul Bansal
82 Piyush Mishra Full Time Computer Engineering & Application Automated Severity Grading For Ocular Manifestations Due To Systemic Diseases Using Retinal OCT Images Prof. Charul Bhatnagar
83  Mohan Gupta  Part Time Mechanical Egineering Experimental investigation on heat transfer & pressure drop in a circular tube with different insert with working fluid water Prof. Kamal Sharma
84 Ahsas Goyal Part Time Pharmacology Pharmacological evaluation of Phosphodiestrase inhibitors against Dementia in estrogen deficient female  rats. Dr. Debapriya  Garabadu
85  Bharat Singh Part Time Mechanical Egineering Welding of Special Steel: Modeling, Simulation & Experimentation Prof. Piyush Singhal
86 Anjali Prajapati Full Time Chemistry Synthesis and characterisation of nano particles of functionalised albumin and possible applications in cancer drug delivery Dr Abhsihek Srivastav
87 Sarika Gupta Part Time Education सरकारी एवं गैर सरकारी विश्वविद्यालयों के आचार्यों के जीवन की गुणवत्ता के सम्बंध में तुलनात्मक अध्ययन Prof. Kavita Varma
88  Lokesh Kumar Sharma Part Time Physics Cosmology Dr. Benoy Kumar Singh
89 Yati Sharma Part Time Pharmacology Pharmacological evaluation of glutamatergic drugs against streptozotocin ( STZ) - challenged  Dementia rats. Dr. Debapriya  Garabadu
90 Risha Khandelwal Part Time  Management A study on Linkages between Emerging and Frontier Markets of Asia.  Dr. Kanhaiya Singh
91 Rekha Part Time Education अलीगढ़ जिले के महाविद्यालयों में कार्यरत महिला आचार्यों की समाजपरक स्वतंत्रता पर उच्च शिक्षा का प्रभाव Prof. Kavita Varma 
92 Bhupesh Chandra Semwal Part Time Pharmacology Evaluation of   potential  role  of  adenosin  receptor in the management  of experimentally induced  Dementia in rats. Dr. Debapriya  Garabadu
93 Rakesh Kaushik  Full Time Biotechnology Heat stress regulation in differential stress tolerance phenotype and comparative expression analysis of different gene in goat Dr Anjana Goel