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Dr. Nirbhay Kumar Mishra

  • Assistant Professor
    Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities
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    Department of English
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    Contact Number :+91-8958712896

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    • 2012: PhD in Business Ethics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.
    • 2003: Master of Arts in Philosophy (specialization in Ethics), University of Lucknow, Lucknow.
    • 2002: Qualified National Eligibility Test (NET) in Philosophy, conducted by University Grants Commission, New Delhi.
    • 2001: Bachelor of Arts in History & Philosophy, University of Lucknow, Lucknow.
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Publication in peer-reviewed Journal

  • Singh Amerendra & Mishra, Nirbhay Kumar (2012): Sense and Meaning: A Second Order Analysis of Language, Canadian Center of Science & Education, English Language Teaching Vol. 5. pp: 14-22
  • Singh Amerendra & Mishra, Nirbhay Kumar (2012): Language: A Performative Speech, Language in India, Vol. 12, pp: 335-339
  • Singh Amerendra & Mishra, Nirbhay Kumar (2013): Moral Qualification in Business Communication, International Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 8, No. 8, pp: 1-11
  • Mishra, Nirbhay Kumar (2016): Corporation as a Member of the Moral Community, International Journal of Research In Management & Business, Vol:2, Issue:1, pp: 33-44
  • Mishra, Nirbhay Kumar (2017): Moral Status of corporations, Developments in Corporate Governance & Responsibility, Vol. 12, pp: 47-66 (Indexed in SCOPUS)
  • Kumar, Alok & Mishra, Nirbhay Kumar & (2017): Revisionist Fiction and Religious Dogma: The Hidden Undercurrents, Journal of Religion & Society, vol. 19, pp: 1-16
  • Singh, Amerendra & Mishra, Nirbhay Kumar (2018): Ethical Theory & Business, Journal of Humanities & Social Development Research, Vol.2 No 1. pp: 97-113
  • Mishra, Nirbhay Kumar (2018): Virtuous Engineering is the Need of Hour: A Perspective from Civil Engineering Research, Civil Engineering Research Journal. Vol 5, Issue 1, pp 1-3
  • Mishra, Nirbhay Kumar (2019): Gross SAARC Happiness: A Perspective on Ethical Governance, Asian Review of Social Sciences, Vol. 8 No 2 pp: 86-92

Publication Book

  • Tiwari N. Bhupendra & Mishra Kumar Nirbhay (2011): On the Philosophy of Quantum Knowledge: Thesis of Experiences and Theory of Goodwill, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany. ISBN-13: 978-3846500316
  • Moderate Corporate Realism, Cambridge Scholar publishing (Book proposal accepted for Publication)

Presentations in National/International Conferences & Seminars

  • Paper presented on Corporate Social Responsibility: Reconciling the Extremes, Sixth International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, organized by University of Technology MARA, Malaysia, 11-14 June 2007.
  • Paper presented on Happiness & Governance: What It Means International Seminar on Emergence  of SAARC  Economies-20 Years Perspective  at  Invertis University Bareli, September 17-18, 2016.

Lecture & Workshop Organized

  • Lecture on Critical Rationality at GLA University, March 2012.
  • Workshop on Research Methodology at GLA University, December 2011.
  • Lecture on Higher Order Thinking at GLA University, March 2011.
  • Lecture on Moral Personality at GLA University, August 2010

Conference Participation

  • Attended a lecture on Philosophy of Religion: Panentheisms East & West by Professor Philip Clayton organized by Indian Philosophy of Research Council at Academic Center, Lucknow on 10 January 2009.
  • Participated in a National Seminar on Dharma, Virtue and Morality: The Indian Ideal of Human Perfection, 23-25 Nov-2005, jointly organized by Christ Church College, Kanpur and Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi.

Member of Editorial Board as Editor

As Reviewer

  • Asian Journal of Business Ethics: Springer (Reviewer)
  • Epiphany (e-ISSN 1840-3719; p-ISSN 2303-6850), Journal of Trans-disciplinary (Reviewer)
  • Civil Engineering Research Journal (Reviewer)
  • Annals of Management Science (Reviewer)
  • Africa Development and Resources Research Institute (ADRRI) South Africa (Reviewer)

Scopus ID: 55440586700,
Web of Science Researcher ID W-1592-2017
LinkedIn Profile:

  • Common Ground Publishing, USA
  • Social Responsibility Research Network, UK,
  • Indian Council for Philosophical Research
  • Springer

Research Interests

Applied Philosophy, Business Ethics, Philosophy of Management (Corporate Intentionality, Corporate Decision Making, Corporate Personhood), Business Ethics (Professional Autonomy & Integrity, Corporate Accountability, Engineering Ethics (Moral Creativity, Value of Technology, and Moral Leadership, Life skills, Creativity, Rationalization & Problem-solving, Bio-ethics ( Ethics of Abortion, Euthanasia, and genetic engineering)

Work Experience

  • Tutor, Department of HSS, IIT Kanpur, December 2008-July 2009.
  • As a tutor- Introduction to Philosophy & Professional Ethics.
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities, GLNAIT, Mathura. August 2009- March 2012
  • Assistant Professor, Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities, GLA University, Mathura.
  • March 2012-till date

Assistant Professor: at GLA University (August 2009 to Till Date)

Taught: Human Values & Professional Ethics

Courses designed & taught:

  • Justice: What's Right Thing to Do?
  • Life Skill: Thinking Engineering
  • Ethics & Values
  • Engineering Ethics