Admission Inquiry

Dr. Kapil Bansal

  • Assistant professor
    Institute of Legal Studies and Research
  • Department

    Legal Studies and Research
  • Experience

    14 years Teaching/Research experience in the field of Law & Management

  • Qualifications

    PhD (2014): in Law from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India

    LLM. (2004): University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India

    MBA(HR) (2004): Sikkim Manipal University, India

  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed-


  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed-


  • 01 Research Paper published on "Eco-literacy necessary now to save not only the environment but to combat food crisis & resource shortage” in International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Review (ISSN 2395- 1877) IJMDRR, Vol.1, Issue 9 , November (2015), pp. 149-153
  • 02 Research paper Published on ‘Flexible working practices to combat stress and maintain work life balance’ in Proceedings of Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology, Allahabad (ISBN 978-1-73035-617-9) First Edition, March 2017, pp. 172-178.
  • 03 Research paper Published on ‘An Effect of Spiritual Intelligence on Job Efficiency of Professionals in Delhi Region’ in IITM Journal of Business Studies (JBS) (ISSN 2393-9451) Vol 4, Issue 1, Jan- Dec 2017, pp. 36-48.
  • 04 Research paper Published on “Organizational Blunders- Role of HR in Promoting Ethical Values” in Global Journal of Enterprise Information System ISSN 0975-153X (DOI: 10.18311/gjeis) Vol 10, Issue 1, Jan-March2018, pp. 75-79.

a. Registered Member of Bar Association, Mathura

  • 01 Attended National Conference- 2014 on “Globalization: Impact on rights of women” organized by LSSSS Govt. Degree College, Mathura & paper presented on “Globalization: Boon or Bane for Women workers in India”.
  • 02  Attended international Conference- 2014 on “Community Participation in HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care” organized by RCA Girls (PG) College, Mathura & paper presented on Behavioral change through compulsory education to prevent HIV/AIDS.
  • 03 Attended National seminar on ‘Act East Policy of the NDA Government’ sponsored by Indian Council of World Affairs , New Delhi and Organized by RCA Girls (PG) College, Mathura on 1-2 Feb, 2016 and paper presented on ‘An Analytical study of Indo-US relationship with reference to India’s Act east policy’.
  • 04 Attended National Seminar on “Skill Development & Youth: Prospects & Challenges in North-east India” sponsored by UGC & Organized by Assam University, Silchar on 10th Feb, 2017 and paper presented on ‘A Study about Skill Development in North-East India before and after the Introduction of NERCORMP for upland areas’.
  • 05 Attended National Seminar on “Opening Uttarakhand State for Startup Companies” Organized by Department of Business Management, HNB Garhwal University(a Central University), Srinagar, Garhwal on March 04, 2017 and paper presented on ‘Organic Farming: A Boon for Food Processing Industry in Uttarakhand’.
  • 06 Attended National Conference on “Modernization in Society and Upcoming Trends” Organized by Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad on March 18-20, 2017 and paper presented on ‘Flexible working practices to combat stress and maintain work life balance’.
  • 07 Attended International Conference on “A Dynamic Shift of 4G- Good Governance and Global Growth ” Organized by GLA University, Mathura on December 15-16, 2017 and paper presented on ‘A Systematic Analysis of Environmental Laws and Government policies in Protecting the Environment’.
  • 08 Attended 2nd International Conference on “Business and Finance ” Organized by Centre for Management Studies Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi  on February 21, 2018 and paper presented on ‘Investors Protection in the age of neo-liberal economy through Corporate Governance’.
  • 09 Attended National Conference on “Emerging Business Practices” Organized by the institute of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi on April 07-08, 2018 and paper presented on ‘Critical Appreciation of the Governmental Initiatives in Handling Solid waste Management (SWM)
  • 01 Attended Workshop on “Export documentation & International Trade” organized by MSME, Agra on 2nd May to 3rd May,2015,
  • 02 Two-Week ISTE STTP on Environmental Studies organized by IIT, Bombay from 2nd June to 12 June, 2015.
  • 03 Attended Faculty Development Programme on “Innovative Teaching Pedagogy” conducted by Mr. Chandreshwar Khan (Former AGM-Tata Motors Ltd.) organized at GLA University, Mathura on August 22, 2015.
  • 04 Attended National Workshop on “Reference Management Tool Using Mendely and How to Avoid Plagiarism” organized by Central Library, GLA University, Mathura on October 03, 2015.
  • 05 Attended two days Workshop on “Case Study Analysis” organized by GLA University, Mathura, on 13-14, Feb. 2016.
  • 06 Attended seven days Workshop on “Research Methodology in Management and Data Analysis Using SPSS” organized by BVM College of Management Education, Gwalior, on 14-17, Jan 2017(Part I on Univariate & Bivariate Statistical Analysis) & 17-19, March 2017(Part II on Multivariate Statistical Analysis) 
  • 07 Attended two days Faculty Development Programme on “Consciousness & Ethics Based Management” organized by GLA University, Mathura, on 25-26 March, 2017.
  • 08 Attended two days workshop on “Business Analytics” from 8-9 April, 2017 organized by Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.
  • 09 Attended two days National Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights; Patents and Copyrights” organized by GLA University, Mathura, on 9-10 September, 2017.
  • 10 Attended Four days Workshop on “Ist GNLU Academy on International Trade Law 2018 ” Organized by Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat on 11-14 February, 2018