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Dr. Kushagra Kulshreshtha

Dr. Kushagra Kulshreshtha

  • Associate Dean Research & Professor
    Institute of Business Management
  • Department

    Business Management
  • Contact Details:

    Email :

    Contact Number :09411924779

  • Experience

    15 years

  • Qualifications

    • PhD : GLA University, Mathura, U.P., India
    • UGC-N.E.T (H.R.M/Industrial relation/Labor welfare)
    • Master of Business Administration, U.P.T.U, Lucknow.


  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed02


  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed96


International Journals

  • 1 Agnihotri, D., Chaturvedi, P., Kulshreshtha, K., & Tripathi, V. (2023). Investigating The Impact Of Authenticity Of Social Media Influencers On Followers' Purchase Behavior: Mediating Analysis Of Parasocial Interaction On Instagram. Asia Pacific Journal Of Marketing And Logistics. (In Press) Emerld (SCOPUS, ABDC-A) (ISSN: 1355-5855) Https://Doi.Org/10.1108/APJML-07-2022-0598.
  • 2 Mishra, V. & Kulshreshtha, K. (2023). Green Product Purchase Decision: A Conceptual Model Of Factors Influencing The Decision Of Indian Consumers. British Food Journal, 125(9), 3160-3174 (Q2, SCOPUS, ABDC-B) Emerald (I.F: ) (ISSN: 0007-070X) . Https://Doi.Org/10.1108/BFJ-09-2022-078.
  • 3 Bajpai, N., Kulshreshtha, K., Dubey, P., Sharma, G. (2023). Classifying Elders Neglect, Insult And Abuse Through Financial Hardship And Physical Health. Working With Older People. 26(4), Pp. 297-318 (SCOPUS) Https://Doi.Org/10.1108/WWOP-03-2021-0008
  • 4 Ahmad, A.; Prakash, O.; Kumar, A.; Chatterjee, R.; Sharma, S.; Kumar, V.; Kulshreshtha, K.; Li, C.; Eldin, E.M.T. (2022). A Comprehensive State-Of-The-Art Review On The Recent Developments In Greenhouse Drying. Energies. 15, 9493. Https://Doi.Org/10.3390/En15249493. I.F. 3.2 (Q3, SCIE).
  • 5 Sharma, G. & Kulshreshtha, K. (2022). Exploring Research Trends Of Procrastination: A Bibliometric Analysis During 2010 To 2020. Benchmarking: An International Journal, (In Press) (SCOPUS, ABDC-B) Emerald (I.F: 3.22) (ISSN: 1463-5771) Https://Doi.Org/10.1108/BIJ-10-2021-0578.
  • 6 Agnihotri, D., Kulshreshtha, K., Tripathi, V. & Chaturvedi, P. (2022). Does Green Self-Identity Influence The Revisit Intention Of Dissatisfied Customers In Green Restaurants, Management Of Environmental Quality, 34 (2) 535-564. (SCOPUS, ABDC-C) Emerald (ISSN: 1477-7835) Https://Doi.Org/10.1108/MEQ-03-2022-0076.
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  • 8 Kulshreshtha, K. & Sharma, G. (2022). Exploring The Consumer Preference For Bank: A Conjoint Analysis Approach. International Journal Of Electronic Marketing And Retailing (In Press) (ABDC-C, SCOPUS) Inderscience 10.1504/IJEMR.2023.10057912.
  • 9 Chaturvedi, P., Kulshreshtha, K.,Tripathi, V. & Agnihotri, D. (2022). Investigating The Impact Of Restaurants’ Sustainable Practices On Consumers’ Satisfaction And Revisit Intentions: A Study On Leading Green Restaurants. Asia-Pacific Journal Of Business Administration (In Press) (ABDC-C, SCOPUS) Emerald Https://Doi.Org/10.1108/APJBA-09-2021-0456.
  • 10 Kulshreshtha, K. & Sharma, G. (2022). From Restaurant To Cloud Kitchen: Survival Of The Fittest During COVID-19 An Empirical Examination. Technological Forecasting And Social Change. (In Press) (SSCI, Q1, ABDC-A, SCOPUS, IF-10.884) Elsevier Https://Doi.Org/10.1016/J.Techfore.2022.12162.
  • 11 Bajpai, N.,Kulshreshtha, K. Dubey, P. & Sharma, G. (2022). Travesty Of Life Elders Abuse An Inquiry Into The Role Of Physical, Psychological Abuse And The Probable Way Out. Ageing Internationals. 48, 413–437. (ESCI, SCOPUS) Springer Https://Doi.Org/10.1007/S12126-021-09479-X.
  • 12 Chaturvedi, P., Kulshreshtha, K. & Tripathi, V. (2021). Investigating Role Of Celebrity Institutional Entrepreneur In Reducing The Attitude-Behavior Gap In Sustainable Consumption. Management Of Environmental Quality. 33(3), 625-643 (SCOPUS, ABDC-C) Emerald (ISSN: 1477-7835).
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National Journals

  • 01Sharma, G., & Kulshreshtha, K. (2019). Mobile wallet adoption in India: An analysis. The IUP journal of bank management. 18 (1), 1-26.
  • 02Kulshreshtha, K., Tripathi, V. & Bajpai, N. (2017). Impact of brand cues on young consumers’ preference for mobile phones: a conjoint analysis and simulation modelling. Journal of Creative Communications, 12(3), 205-222.

National Conference

  • 01Khandelwal, U., Kulshreshtha, K. & Chauhan, T.P.S. (2016) Measuring green brand equity in Developing Economies and its impact on consumer Attitude, IIT Delhi, April 16-17, 2016.
  • 02Bajpai, N., Khandelwal, U. & Kulshreshtha, K. (2016) The Effects of Risk Aversion on Consumer Attitude in Metro and Non-Metro Cities in India, University of Technology, Sydney.
  • 03Kulshreshtha, K. (2015), “Consumer conformity behavior in virtual communities (e-formity)”, e-Buzz, The X factor (20-21 March, 2015).
  • 04Kulshreshtha, G. & Kulshreshtha, K. & Khandelwal, U. (2014). Novartis Defeat: A success of India! Case study presented in National Conference on “Arresting slowdown in economy-Strategies for turnaround” at GLA University, Mathura (22-23 Feburary, 2014).
  • 05Kulshreshtha, G. & Kulshreshtha, K. (2013). Challenges and Opportunities of young Entrepreneurs in emerging Economies. Paper presented at National Conference Sustaining Success-A tight rope walk at GLA University, Mathura.
  • 06Kulshreshtha, G. & Kulshreshtha, K. (2011). Social Entrepreneurship: Managing Change for Sustainable development. Paper presented in National conference Leading Change-The revolving Dynamics at GLA University, Mathura. (19-21 Feburary, 2011)

International Conference

  • 01Kulshreshtha, K., Sharma, G., Bajpai, N. & Tripathi, V. (2018). What to offer to the newly emerged super consumers! A multimethod approach in the context of wealthy single urbanites (WSUs). Paper presented at First PAN IIT International Management Conference-2018 IIT, Roorkee, India.
  • 02Sharma, G., Sikarwar, T., Kulshreshtha, K. & Bajpai, N. (2018). Does investors personality matters! A study of flexible decision making. Paper presented at Flexible Systems Management-GLOGIFT, IIM Lucknow, India.
  • 03Sharma, G., Kulshreshtha, K., Khandelwal, U., Bajpai, N. & Tripathi, V. (2017). Understanding Whitewater Change for Online Shopping Behavior: A Study of Attribution. paper presented at NASMEI Summer Marketing Conference Creating customer value, IIM-Indore.
  • 04Sharma, G., Sharma. C., Shalinta & Kulshreshtha, K. (2017). Social Responsible Insvestment: A constructive review. A dynamic shift of G-Good Governance and Global Growth, 15-16. December, 2017.

Conference Attended

  • 01FICCI Annual HR conference Nov 23-24, 2017, Federation House, New Delhi.

Published Articles

  • 01Kulshreshtha,G & Kulshreshtha, K. (2013, May Vol. 3). Motherhood is a speed bump in Career? REMEDY: The family doctor, 22-25.

Workshops Attended

  • 01Workshop on “Global Summer Program” Jack H. Brown College at California State University, San Bernardino held Monday, Jul. 22, 2019-Aug. 2, 2019.
  • 02“Center for global management international immersion program on discovering self. Discovering India and discovering the world”, held in GLA University, Mathura on 12-17 December, 2017 organized by California State University, San Bernardino
  • 03Workshop on Innovation in Course Curriculum, conducted by Prof. Thandavillil Jithendranathan, Prof. Opus College of Business on 26 July, 2018.
  • 04Workshop on getting to guide published, held on 6 October, 2018, organized by Emerald Publishing house and Mendeley.
  • 05Workshop on Scientific writing skills for research papers and projects, held at 7 April 2018, organized by office of dean research GLA University, Mathura.
  • 06“Plagrims-Academic integrity & smart referencing using Mendeley” held on 29th September, 2018, organized by Mendeley and GLA University, Mathura.
  • 07“Statistics and Research Methodology: An Exploration with a Special Focus on Multivariate Statistical Techniques” held on 15-21 Feb, 2018, organized by IIITM, Gwalior.
  • 08“Understanding consumer behavior: Contemporary tools and techniques” held on 26th-27th December, 2017organized by Fore school of management, New Delhi.
  • 09“Multivariate Data Analysis” 11th-12th May 2017, 2017organized by FORE school of management, New Delhi.
  • 10“Change Management” held on 27-28 December 2008, organized by GLA Institute of Technology & Management, Mathura.
  • 11“Human Values & Professional Ethics” held on 13-19 July 2009, organized by UPTU at IIT Kanpur.
  • 12 “Social Construction” held on 10-11 December 2009, organized by GLA Institute of Technology & Management, Mathura.
  • 13“Soft Skills” organized by GLA Institute of Technology & Management, Mathura.


  • 01Best Library User Award for the session 2017-18, by GLA University, Mathura.