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Dr. Abhishek Srivastava

Dr. Abhishek Srivastava

  • Associate Professor
    Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities
  • Department

    Department of Chemistry
  • Contact Details:

    Email :

    Contact Number :9627969085

  • Experience

    15 Years

  • Qualifications

    • Ph.D. (Chemistry) from University of Lucknow in 2006.
    • M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) form University of Lucknow in 1999 with Ist div.
    • B.Sc. (PCM) from Dr. R.M.L., Awadh University, Faizabad in 1997 with Ist div.

    Other Qualification

    • NET (JRF) – Dec. 2000.
    • Gate  – 2001
  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

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  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed-


  • 01 Spectrophotometric determination of ruthenium utilizing its catalytic activity on oxidation of hexacyano ferrate(II) by periodate ion in water samples. Abhishek Srivastava, Vivek Sharma, Anjali Prajapati, Neetu Srivastava, R.M. Naik Accepted in Chemistry and Chemical Technology (2018) - Scopus Indexed
  • 02 Synthesis and characterization of mixed ligand complexes of zirconium(IV) with sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen doner ligands. Abhishek Srivastava, Neetu Srivastava, Umesh NathTripathi, Afshan Siddiqui Chemistry and Chemical Technology (2018) - In Press- Scopus Indexed
  • 03 A study of Ultra-Violet irradiation on epithelial tissue on fresh water fosh "Puntius Sophore" Vivek Sharma, Abhishek Srivastava, Oriental Journal of Chemistry, 2016, 4 (32), 2171.
  • 04 Application of ruthenium (III) catalyzed oxidation of Tris(2-amino ethyl) amine in trace determination of ruthenium in environmental water samples, S Prasad, R.M. Naik, Abhishek Srivastava Spectrochimicaacta (ELESIVER Publication) Vol 70, 2008, 958-965.
  • 05 Highly sensitive catalytic spectrophotometric determination of ruthenium. R.M. Naik, Abhishek Srivastava, S Prasad Spectrochimicaacta (ELESIVER Publication) Vol 69, 2008, 193-197.
  • 06 The kinetics and mechanism of ruthenium(III) catalyzed oxidation of Tris(2-amino ethyl)amine by hexacyanoferrate (III) in aqueous alkaline medium. R.M. Naik, Abhishek Srivastava, Amit K Verma, Turkish Journal of Chemistry, Vol 32, 2008, 495-503.
  • 07 The kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of hexacyanoferrate(II) by periodate ion in highly alkaline aqueous medium. R.M.Naik, Abhishek Srivastava, A.Asthana, Journal of Iranian Chemical Society, Vol 5, 2008, 29-36.
  • 08 The kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of triethylenetetraaminehexaacetate cobaltate (II) complex by periodate ion in aqueous medium. R.M. Naik, Abhishek Srivastava, A.K. Verma, S.B.S. Yadav, Ruchi Singh, S. Prasad Bioinorganic Reaction Mechanism , Vol 6,2007,185-192.
  • 09 The kinetic and mechanistic studies on the oxidation of amine - N-poly carboxylates complexes of cobalt (II) by periodate ions in aqueous medium. R.M. Naik. Abhishek Srivastava, A.K. Tiwari, S.B.S. Yadav, A.K. Verma Journal of Iranian Chemical Society, Vol 4 (1), 2007, 63-71.
  • 10 The Kinetics and mechanism of acid assisted reduction of unsymmetrical chelate complex [CoIII (Am) endibig H) (CIO4)2] where Am= amino acid and endibig H = ethylenedibiguanide. A.Kumar Maje, DD Chaturvedi, Abhishek Srivastava, Abhinav Agarwal & R.M. Naik. Indian Journal of Chemistry, 43A, 2004, 2105-2108.

Papers Presented in The Symposium/Conferences

  • 01 International Conference on Nanotechnology: Ideas, Innovations and Initiatives - 2017, 6-8 December, IIT Roorkee (Paper Presented).
  • 02 20Th CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry (3-5 February 2017) Gauhati University, Guwahati (Paper Presented)
  • 03 National Seminar on Prevention and Treatment of Cancer by Nano Materials and other Molecules (12-13th November 2016) GLA University, Mathura, (Organized)
  • 04 A Workshop on Applications of NMR & IR Spectroscopy in Charactrization of Compounds (29-30th April 2016) GLA University Mathura (Organized)
  • 05 National Seminar On Detection and Treatment of Cancer Using Nano and Conventional Technologies (November 28-29, 2015) GLA University, Mathura. (Attended)
  • 06 Workshop on "Nanoparticles: Charactrization and Introduction to Dynamic Light Scattering" (31 Oct., 2015) GLA University, Mathura. (Attended)
  • 07 A Workshop on "Applications of Nanomaterials in Modern Technology" (April, 12, 2015), GLA University, Mathura. (Attended)
  • 08 A Workshop on "Pollution: Danger to Blue Planet" (03 Feb, 2013), GLA University, Mathura. (Attended)
  • 09 Indian Science Congress - 89th session Jan. 3.7.2002, University of Lucknow, Lucknow. (Attended)
  • 10 National seminar on Thermodynamics and reaction dynamics, 23-25 March 2003 - Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur. (Paper Presented)
  • 11 5th National Conference "Indian association of chemistry teachers "October 21, 2005, Central Drug Research Institute. Lucknow, India. (Attended)
  • 12 National symposium on innovative methods in chemistry education, October 22, 2005, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, India. (Attended)

Experience: 15 Years

Teaching Experience: 11 Years

Research Experience: 4 Years

  • Presently working as an Assistant Professor in GLA University Mathura since May 2011.
  • Two Years Six months (i.e. from July 2008 to January 2011) teaching experience in Krishna Institute of Management & Technology, Moradabad, In grade of Sr. Lecturer.
  • Two Years (i.e. from June 2006 to July 2008) teaching experience in Dr. K.N. Modi Institute of Engg. & Technology, Modinagar. In grade of Lecturer.

Area of interest: Chemical Kinetics, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Details of PH.D.:

  • Field of Study: Physical Chemistry
  • Research Topic: The kinetics and Mechanism of Electron Transfer Reactions of Some Iron and Cobalt Complexes in Aqueous Medium.

Patent Filled

  • Patent 1: Stable functionalized nanoparticles and a process for the preparation thereof.
    Patent Application Number: 201811003147
    Date of file: 27/01/2018
  • Patent 2: Stable egg white nanoparticles and a process for the preparation thereof.
    Patent Application Number: 201811020796
    Date of file: 04/06/2018