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Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh

  • Associate Professor
    Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities
  • Department

    Department of Chemistry
  • Contact Details:

    Email :

    Contact Number :9936335605

  • Experience

    8.2 years teaching and 13 years research experience in the field of chemistry

  • Qualifications

    • Ph.D. (2010): Place of work Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, U.P., India. Supervisor of Prof H. Ila. Degree awarded by GBTU Lucknow UP
    • M.Sc. (2001): St John’s College Agra, (Affiliated to Dr BRA University Agra) U.P., India.



  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed-02


  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed-


Sponsored Project Undergoing

Title:Development of thermally stable radiation resistant organosilicate based paint formulations for corrosion control and its applicability" Funded by BRNS (BARC) Mumbai.

Amount: 32 lacs : Duration: 3yrs

Area of research interest: Organic Synthesis and nanocatalysis

Web Link - Research Groupenlightened


  • 01 An efficient solvent free microwave assisted MgFe2O4 magnetic nanoparticles catalysed green protocol towards michael addition. Chem & Chem Tech. 2018 (In Press) [Impact Factor 0.24]
  • 02 Hyperactive magnetically separable nano-sized MgFe2O4 for condensation reaction for synthesis of nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds. Chem & Chem Tech. 2018 (In Press) [Impact Factor 0.24]
  • 03 A Highly Efficient Method for Synthesis of Novel 6,6'-(1,4-Phenylene)bis(4-phenylpyrimidin-2-OL/-2-amine/2-thiol and Evaluation of their Biological Activities Der Pharma Chemica, 2018, 10(4): 196-207
  • 04 A Simple And Expeditious Nickel (Ii) Ferrite Catalyzed Green Synthesis Of Alkyl And Aryl Bis (Indolyl) Methane Under Solvent Free Microwave Condition Asian Journal of Science and Technology Vol. 09, Issue, 01, pp.7286-7290, 2018
  • 05 Synthesis of Novel Five- and Six-Membered Ferrocene-Containing Heterocycles and Heteroaromatics via Cyclocondensation of 1-Ferro¬cenyl-3,3-bis(methylthio)prop-2-en-1-one with Various Bifunctional Nucleophiles Synthesis 49(12), pp 2700-2710, 2017 [Impact Factor 2.65]
  • 06 An efficient method for regioselective ring opening of epoxides by amines under microwave irradiation using Bi(NO3)3 5H2O as a catalyst New J. Chem., 2017,41, 2668-2671 [Impact Factor 3.26]
  • 07 Calcium ferrite, an efficient catalyst for Knoevenagel condensation (A green approach) Orient. J. Chem., Vol. 33(4), pp 1736-1743, 2017 [cite score 0.43]
  • 08 A Novel Intramolecular Radical Cyclization Approach to Thieno-Fused Heterocycles. Eur. J. Org. Chem., vol 20-21, pp 4001-4007, 2011. [Impact Factor 3.30]
  • 09 Two-dimensional rhombus grid coordination polymer showing heterogeneous catalytic activities. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical vol. 6-10 pp 342-343, 2011. [Impact Factor 3.65]
  • 10 Novel Route to 2,3-Substituted Benzo[b]thiophenes via Intramolecular Radical Cyclization. J. Org. Chem., vol. 74, pp 5496-5501, 2009. [Impact Factor 4.72]
  • 11 Highly Diastereoselective [3+2] Cyclopenta[b]annulation of Indoles with 2-Arylcyclopropyl Ketones and Diesters Eur. J. Org. Chem., pp 5378-5386, 2006. [Impact Factor 3.30]

Patent filed

  • 01 A catalyst for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds [Indian Patent number 201611036741 date of filing 26th Oct. 2016]
  • 02 Bismuth based catalyst for the synthesis of β-amino alcohols by regioselective ring opening of epoxides. [Indian Patent number 201711024769 date of filing 13th July 2017]
  • 03 Novel six membered heterocyclic compounds. [Indian Patent number 201711037732 date of filing 14th November 2017]
  • 04 Novel Bismuth based catalyst for the synthesis of β-amino alcohols. [Indian Patent number 201711047210 date of filing 29th December 2017]
  • 05 A process for the synthesis of β-aminoalcohols through the regiodselective ring opening of epoxide and a catalyst therefor. [Indian Patent number 201811003218 date of filing 29th Jan 2018]

Books Authored

  • 01 Fundamentals of Engineering Chemistry: UDH Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd. New Delhi. First edition 2015 ISBN: 978-93-82122-32-6

Ongoing Research Project

  • 01 "Development of thermally stable radiation resistant organosilicate based paint formulations for corrosion control for high temperature applicability" funded by BARC Mumbai, India. Amount 32.5 Lakhs
  • 02 "Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Bis-heterocycles using Greener Approach and Evaluation of Biological Activities" funded by GLA University, Mathura UP India. Amount 2.0 Lakhs
  • 01 Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) 2004 at IIT Kanpur, India (Attended)
  • 02 16th National Symposium in Chemistry-CRSI 2014 at IIT Bombay, India (Poster Presented)
  • 03 18th National Symposium in Chemistry-CRSI 2016 at Panjab University, India (Poster Presented)
  • 04 National conference on biotechnology & environment 2017 at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India (Poster Presented)

Workshops organized as Convener

  • 01 One day workshop on "Green chemistry: A Solution to Chemical Pollution" at GLA University Mathura UP India (24 April, 2011)
  • 02 One day workshop on "Pollution: Danger to Blue Planet" at GLA University Mathura UP India (2nd Feb 2013)
  • 03 One day workshop on "Applications of Nanomaterials in Modern Technology" at GLA University Mathura UP India (12th April 2015)


  • 8.2 years teaching and 13 years research experience in the field of chemistry
  • Six months industrial (Pharmaceuticals API division) experience at Jubilant organosys, Noida U.P., India


  • Recipient of Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) from Department of Science and Technology (DST) Govt. of India, July 2007 to Feb 2010.
  • Recipient of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) Department of Science and Technology (DST) Govt. of India, Jan 2003 to March 2007.
  • Qualified National Eligibility Test (NET-2003) for Lectureship conducted jointly by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and University Grants Commission.
  • Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-2003) in Chemistry conducted by Indian Institutes of Technology.

Ph.D. Guided

Degree Awarded

  • Ms Shobha Bansal (2018)
    Thesis title: Study of Bismuth Nitrate Pentahydrate, An Useful and Efficient Catalyst for The Epoxide Ring Opening and Synthesis of Some Heterocyclic Compounds
  • Ms Parveen Pippal (2018)
    Thesis title: Development of Condensed Heterocyclic Molecules Using Calcium and Nickel Ferrites as Catalyst

Presently working (Graduate Students)

  • Mr Rahul Tiwari (2017)
    Research area: Chemical Characterization in terms of metals of ambient fine particulate matter at the three different traffic junctions of northern India
  • Mr Ankit Mishra (2019) Perusing course work

Area of Research Interest

  • Organic synthesis
  • Nano-catalysis
  • Green chemistry

Research Project completed 2012-2016

  • "Design and Development of metal organic frameworks for anion sensing" funded by GLA University, Mathura UP India. Amount 2.5 Lakhs