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Energy Lab

About the lab:

Energy is the key factor for the growth of any country. Per capita energy consumption is the significance of the progress of any nation. With the increasing environmental impacts and continuously diminishing the primary sources, world community is searching the way to shift towards sustainable energy sources. Recently the penetration of photovoltaic systems has increased to generate the electricity. In view of the contribution by future engineers, the department has established solar energy lab in year 2015 to align with the government target to produce 100 GW electricity from solar energy. This lab is equipped with several latest experimental setups that helps the students understand the fundamental and advanced concepts of solar energy. Students are able to perform analysis of solar cell at different light intensity, grid integration and at different conditions.

Major Equipments:

  • PV Grid Tied System
  • PV emulator
  • Energy Audit kit
  • PV Training system and other solar based applications

In this laboratory, we frequently organize academic activities on present scenario and future trends.