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Control System Lab

About the lab:

The control systems laboratory provides hardware and simulation based experimental facility to enhance the concept of linear and complex control theory. The lab includes various work stations consisting of devices such as oscilloscope, DSO, digital multimeter (DMM) and PID controller and control system trainer kits. The complex control experimentation for industrial application are performed using MATLAB and Simulink package. The main hardware trainer available in laboratory are DC position control, AC-DC servomotor, temperature control and response analysis using PID, Control design using fuzzy logic controller, lead-lag compensators, stepper motor, synchro-transmitter and receiver etc.

It helps the students to understand the basics of open loop, closed loop time and frequency domain analysis of a control system and become familiar with the used of compensator and its designing.

Major Equipments:

  • DC position control
  • AC-DC servomotor
  • Temperature control and response analysis using PID
  • Control design using fuzzy logic controller
  • Lead-lag compensators
  • Stepper motor
  • Synchro-transmitter and receiver

Software Packages:

  • PSIM