PRASTUTI: Journal of Management & Research


PRASTUTI: Journal of Management & Research

Published By: GLA University
Print ISSN: 2320-2262
Editor/s: Prof. Anand Mohan Agrawal
Frequency: Bi-annual
Indexation:Cross Ref
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Mission of Journal
To encourage high-quality research projects built on a professional mindset, analytical thinking, and analysis of current issues in various contexts in the inter-disciplinary fields of management, economics, and commerce with the goal of improving knowledge of and moving forward with business and economic policies and practises.

Aims & Scope

An yearly double-blind peer-reviewed management journal called PRASTUTI is devoted to publishing the best research papers in the areas of business, economics, and management. The Journal's main objective is to inspire academics, researchers, and business experts to contribute analyses and the most recent research on hot subjects and business practises for better understanding and performance. The journal promotes the use of original research to examine the effects of issues with economic policy. It provides a forum for debate between academics, businesspeople, and subject matter experts about various managing practises. For the benefit of academics, businesses, professionals, and researchers, the journal disseminates significant data, figures, and analysis.