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Dr. Kshitij Parmar

  • Assistant Professor
    Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities
  • Department

    Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
  • Experience

  • Qualifications

    • Agriculture (2013) Dr. B.R.A.UNI. AGRA
    • MSc.[agriculture extension] (2015) C.S.A.U.A.&T Kanpur
    • Ph.D.[agricultural extension & communication] (2018) S.V.P.U.A. &T. Meerut
  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ CompletedNIL


  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed01


Research Publications in referred journals

  • 01 Lokesh Kumar Tinde, Arbind Kumar Sai*, Gulzar Ahmad** and Kshitij Parmar, 2015, Constraints in Adoption of Situation based Wheat Technology Perceived by Small Farmers of District Kanpur Dehat Uttar Pradesh, Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 6(Special): 1657-1660,R030 (4.54)
  • 02 Kshitij Parmar, N.K.Singh, A.K.Singh, Roop Kumar and Amit Kumar Mishra,2017, Level of Use of On-line Communication Among Farmers in Central U.P., TECHNOFAME, Vol.6 No. 1, 26- 31 T005 (3.38)
  • 03 Kshitij Parmar, N.K.Singh, A.K.Singh, Swati Chaturvedi, Amit Kumar Mishra, Roop Kumar, 2017,communication in disseminating the agri based information technology in Fatehpur District (U.P.)” Progressive Agriculture (An International Journal) Vol-17, Issue-2P150 (4.29)
  • 04 Roop Kumar, R.N. Yadav, Manoj Kumar, Amit Kumar Mishra, Akshay Kumar and Kshitij Parmar, 2017,Impact of Knowledge on Adoption of Integrated Pest Management Practices by Sugarcane Growers, International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, 6(3): 348-354I1750(5.38)
  • 05 N.K.Singh, Kshitij Parmar and Lokesh Kumar Tinde,2017, Structure and challenges of higher education in India, The Journal of Rural and Agricultural Research, Vol. 17 No. 1, 32-34I175(5.38)
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  • 07 Amit Kumar Mishra1*, R. K. Dohrey2, Ravindra K. R. Pandey3, Roop Kumar, Kshitij Parmar and R. K. Singh,2017, Adoption of Recommended Potato Production Practices in Farrukhabad District (U.P.), India, International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, 6(6): 3319-3327I175 (5.38)
  • 08 A.S. Maurya1*, R.N. Yadav1, Sarju Narain2, Prerana Kaushal3 and Kshitij Parmar, Adoption Level of Bio-pesticides by Brinjal Growers in Bulandshahr District of Western Uttar Pradesh, India. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences Volume 6 Number 10 (2017)I175 (5.38)
  • 09 Deepak Hembram1*, A.K. Bandyopadhyay1, Lokesh Kumar Tinde1, Dibyendu Pal1 and Kshitij Parmar2. Study on MGNREGA Scheme: The Securing Employment Incomes, Utilization, Problems and Suggestions. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences Volume 6 Number 12 (2017) pp. 2219-2224I175 (5.38)
  • 10 Lokesh Kumar Tinde1*, Arbind Kumar Sai2, Kshitij Parmar3, Deepak Hembram1, Dibyendu Pal1 and R.K. Kushwaha. Socio-economic Characteristics of Wheat Growers Regarding Adoption of Improved Wheat Production Technology in Kanpur Dehat District, Uttar Pradesh (India) International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences Volume 6 Number 12 (2017) pp. 2225-2229I175 (5.38)
  • 11 A.S. Maurya*, Prerana Kaushal1, Kshitij Parmar, Gaurav Kumar and N.K. Singh2 .CONSTRAINTS FACED BY BRIN JAL GROW ERS IN ADOP TION OF BIO-PES TI CIDES AND EX TEN SION STRAT E GIES FOR PROMOTION OF BIO-PESTICIDES IN BULANDSHAHR DISTRICT OF WEST ERN UTTAR PRADESH . Progressive Agriculture (An International Journal) 18 (1) : 98-101 (2018)P150(4.29)
  • 12 N.K.Singh,Kshitij Parmar, Chandra pal ,B.P. Singh and A.S.Maurya.A study on constraints responsible for technological gap in sugarcane cultivation in western U.P.Indian research journal of genetics and biotechnology.Vol.10No.(2) 2018I102(4.95)
  • 13 Kshitij Parmar, D. K. Singh, R.N. Yadav, Dan Singh, V.K.Singh and Swati Chaturvedi. A Study on Relationship Between Socio-economic Status and Level of Awareness of the Farmers about Land Use Pattern in Western U. P. TECHNOFAME. Vol. 7 Issue II Year 2018.T005(3.38)
  • 14 Swati chaturvedi.Dan Singh,D.K.Singh,R.N.Yadav and Kshitij Parmar.Socio-economic status of career preferences of girls students in atate agricultural university in Uttar Pradesh. TECHNOFAME. Vol. 7 Issue II Year 2018.T005(3.38)
  • 16 Anurag Singh,A. K. Singh, Kshitij Parmar, Rajmani. Socio-economic Status in C.D. block Kalyanpur in Kanpur Nagar (U.P.). International Archive of Applied Sciences and Technology Vol 11 [3] September 2020I134(4.45)
  • 17 Chaturvedi, S., Parmar, K., Singh, D. (2020) A study on correlation between independents variables of career opportunities in girl students states agriculture universities in Uttar Pradesh, International Journal of Agricultural Invention, 5(2): 177-180.RNI: UPENG/2016/70091 ISSN: 2456-1797 (P)
  • 18 Singh, N. K., Parmar, K. (2020) A study on factors responsible for rural urban migration, International Journal of Agricultural Invention, 5(2): 194-197.RNI: UPENG/2016/70091 ISSN: 2456-1797 (P)


  • 01 Hand book of General Agriculture


  • 01The International Journal of Agricultural Invention (IJAI) 
  • 02Nature Times Magazine

Popular articles in magazine, research papers in non-referred journals and published in Proceedings

S.No. Author(s) Title of paper /publication Name of Journal / publisher Year of  publishing NAAS Rating
1 Kshitij Parmar, N.K.Singh and Lokesh Kumar Tinde. Farming of kidney beans (Rajma) and its health benefits RASHTRIYA KRISHI 2016 3.25
2 Kshitij Parmar and N.K. Singh. Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Potatoes RASHTRIYA KRISHI 2017 3.25
3 Kshitij Parmar and Abhilash Singh Maurya. घरेलू पौधे एंव प्रदूशण नियं़त्रण RASHTRIYA KRISHI HINDI 2017 2.07
4 Abhilash Singh Maurya and Kshitij Parmar. हरी खाद : मृदा उर्वरता एंव फसलोत्पादन में महत्व RASHTRIYA KRISHI HINDI 2017 2.07
5 ए  स मौर्या ,क्षितिज परमार ,प्रेरणा कौशल सौर ऊर्जा पौधों में रोग नियंत्रण के लिए मित्र विकल्प कृषि उत्कर्ष 2018 NA
6 डॉ. एन के सिंह ,क्षितिज परमार ,ऐ एस  मौर्या। बागवानी में एकीकृत नाशीजीव प्रबंधन कृषि उत्कर्ष 2018 NA
7 डॉ. चंद्र भुसन वर्मा ,शशांक श्रीवास्तव ,क्षितिज परमार। पौधों के प्रमुख पोषक तत्त्व तथा उनका जीवन राष्ट्रीय कृषि हिंदी अगस्त 2018 2.07
8 Kshitij Parmar and N.K. Singh.

पपीताः सेहत और आमदनी साथ-साथ

राष्ट्रीय कृषि हिंदी अगस्त 2018 2.07
9 शशांक श्रीवास्तव, क्षितिज परमार।एवं पवन वुफमार सिंह

पोधों के जीवन में पोषक तत्वों की महत्ता

कृषि उत्कर्ष अप्रैल 2018  
10 डॉ0 एन0 के0 सिंह एवं क्षितिज परमार

वरानी खेती की समस्यायें और निदान

कृषि उत्कर्ष अप्रैल 2018  
11 स्वाति चतुर्वेदी वी  बी सिंह ऊषा शर्मा क्षितिज परमार  कृषि क्षेत्र  में  महिलाओं  की   सहभागिता राजस्थानी खेती अगस्त -2019  
12 डॉ.एन.के.सिंह, डॉ.क्षितिज परमार,स्वाति चतुर्वेदी . किसान अपने औषधीय फसल उत्पादन कहाँ बेचें राजस्थानी खेती दिसंबर
13 S. Chaturvedi1, Khitij Parmar2 and V. B. Singh1 Methanogenesis: A global problem and its mitigation RASHTRIYA KRISHI June 2020 3.25
14 डॉ. विनीता पांडेय एवं डॉ.क्षितिज परमार बीज भंडारण राष्ट्रीय कृषि हिंदी अगस्त २०२० 2.07
15 Kshitij Parmar1, N. K. Singh2 and Vineeta Pandey3 Rural migration: A continuous challenge RASHTRIYA KRISHI December 2020 3.27
16 Sunil Kumar,Kshitij Parmar, Anjali Verma. Innovative technologies to boost Indian productivity in agriculture Nature Times 2020  
17 Kshitij Parmar,N.K. Singh, Vineeta Pandey Contribution of organic Fertilizers in organic Farming Agri-India TODAY 2021  
18 Kshitij Parmar, Vineeta Pandey Ashwagandha ki vagyanik kheti Krishak Bharti 2021  


  • 01 National seminar on “Impact of Population Growth on Agriculture and Rural Development” 9-10 February 2013, Held at B.V.R.I. Bichpuri Agra.
  • 02 National seminar on “Status of Land Resources: Challenges and Solutions” 8 march 2014, Held at B.V.R.I. Bichpuri Agra.
  • 03 National seminar on “Coping with Challenges of Modern Stressful Life Using Holistic Methods” 29-30 March 2015, Held at B.V.R.I. Bichpuri Agra.
  • 04 National conference on “Mass Communication as an Effective Tool for Agricultural Development” 14-15 June 2016, Held at U.P.Council of Agriculture Research, Lucknow.
  • 05 International seminar on “Electrolyzed Water Technology: An Eco-Innovative Solution for Agro, Food and Water Industries” 14 July 2016, Held At R.B.S.Engeering Technical Campus Bichpuri.
  • 06 National conference on “Natural Resource Management For Sustainable Agriculture” 25 October 2016, Held at Janta Vedic College, Baraut,Distt.Baghpat U.P.
  • 07 National Conference On “Agriculture Renewal For Evergreen Revolution: Concept& Approaches” 10 March 2017, Held At Gochar Mahavidyalaya,Rampur Maniharan,Saharanpur U.P.
  • 08 National conference on “Advances in Global Research in Agriculture and Technology” 19-20 March 2017 at Agra
  • 09 National workshop on “IPRs: A Potential Tool of Technological Development in Agriculture” 21-22 August 2017 at R.B.S. Engineering technical campus, bichpuri Agra.
  • 10 International Conference On “Advances in Agricultural and Biodiversity Conservation for Sustainable Development (ABCD) “ 27-28 Octobre 2017 at CCS University meerut.
  • 11 National conference on “Promoting& Reinvigorating Agri-Horti, Technology Innovation” 11-12 November 2017 at Dhanbad, Jharkhand.
  • 12 National conference on”Pollution control for sustainable environment” 10-11 Februray 2018 at M.M.M.P.G.College Bhatpar Rani,Deoria,U.P.
  • 13 International Conference On “Advances in Agricultural, Biological and Applied Sciences for Sustainable Future (ABAS)” 20-22 octoberat 2018 Swami Vivekanand Subharti University,Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • 14 International Conference on “Global Initiatives in Agricultural and Applied Sciences for Eco Friendly Environment (GIASE-2019)” 16-17 June 2019 at Conference Hall. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • 15 National Webinar on Approaches towards Development of Rural and Agricultural Sector in the Present Scenario 8-9 May2020 at JNKVV Agricultural College, Tikamgarh (M.P.)
  • 16 National Webinar on Upcoming Economic & Marketing Challenges for India Post COVID-19 Lockdown.19-20May 2020 at St.Johns.College, Agra.

Seminar Symposia Organized

  • 01 Acted as co-organizing secretary in the 5th annual conference of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Economic Welfare Association, Agra on “challenges in the development of smart cities” held at symbozia girl’s college, Agra on 17-18 feb.2018.
  • 02 Member of Organizing committee in the national conference-PCSE-2018 organized by faculty of science & humanities, M.M.M.(P.G.) College, Bhatpar Rani,Deoria,U.P.
  • 03 Acted as Joint organizing secretary in the international conference On “Advances in Agricultural, Biological and Applied Sciences for Sustainable Future” held at Srdar Patel Auditorium, Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut U.P. On 20-22 October 2018
  • 04 Acted as Co organizing secretary in the international conference On “Global Initiatives in Agricultural and Applied Sciences for Eco Friendly Environment (GIASE-2019)” 16-17 June 2019 at Conference Hall. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Extracuriculam Activitiies

  • Participated As Volunteer In Traffic Control Program.
  • NSS National Camp at Vishakhapatnam.
  • NCC Cadet throughout Graduation (Certificate).
  • UNIVERSITY Sport Person.                              


  • A training on Mushroom Cultivation Held at CSAUA&T Kanpur, 10-15 November 2014.
  • First Aid Training By Red Cross Society India.
  • One-week online Workshop “Holistic Approach towards Research in Pandemic” conducted by SHoDH Haryana in collaboration with Department of Genetics, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak from 27th June -3rd July, 2020
  • National Training on Seed Production Techniques in Agro Chemicals and & Horticultural Crops Orgainsed by R.B.P.G.College, Agra fron 13th to 18th July 2020
  • One week national E-Workshop on Innovation & Intellectual Property Rights organized by Innovative Technology Enabling Centre (InTEC), CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar during June 14-19, 2021


  • Fellow Award, Best Research Scholar Award, Excellence in Extension Award. Young scientist associate award, Best Ph.D. Thesis Award-2019

Personal Interests

  • Discussing New Thoughts and Searching New Information
  • Reading Spiritual Books and Motivational Biography
  • Listening Music and Playing Various Games Like Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Etc.