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Prof. Vikas Tripathi

  • Professor & Head (PG)
    Institute of Business Management
  • Department

    Business Management
  • Experience

     16.5 years Teaching/Research experience in the field of Technology & Management

  • Qualifications

  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

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  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

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  • 01 Kulshreshtha, K., Tripathi, V., Bajpai, N. & Dubey, P. (2017). Discriminating Market Segments Using Preferential Green Shift: A Conjoint Approach. Foresight, 19 (4), pp. 386-408.
  • 02 Kulshreshtha, K., Bajpai, N. & Tripathi, V. (2017). Consumer preference for electronic consumer durable goods in India: a conjoint analysis approach. International. Journal of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence, 3 (1), 13–37.
  • 03 Agrawal, V.; Tripathi V. and Tripathi, V. (2013).Trust ,Image and association Affecting Loyalty Towards Telecom Service Providers in India: A Study on BSNL. International journal of Management and social science research, Vol. 2(1), ISSN No. 2319-4421.
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  • 06 Saxena, A.; Tripathi V. and Kaushal, A. (2012). An Insight into Tenets of TQM in Management Education in Indian Scenario. Sagar Manthan: A Journal of Management & Research, Vol.1(1), ISSN 2278-5116


  • 07 Agrawal, V.; Tripathi V. and Agrawal, S. (2012). Measuring Relation Among E-Service Quality, Customers Satisfaction and Intention to Purchase: An Investigative Study on Customers of Online Air Ticket Service in India. International Journal of Marketing and Technology, Vol. 2(12), ISSN no. 2249-1058
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  • 15 Singh, A. K.; Tripathi V. and Jain, S. (2009). Brand placements: rationale &benefits : A Review of the Current State of Affairs. EMPI Research and Business Review Vol. 1 (1)

Chapters in Books

  • 01 Agrawal, V.; Tripathi V. and Seth, N. (XXXX). B-School Selection by Fuzzy TOPSIS and AHP: A Case of NCR. Innovative Solutions for Implementing Global Supply Chains in Emerging Markets to be published by IGI Global (Communicated in October, 2014)
  • 02 Saxena Ankit, Tripathi Vikas (2012). “Growth, Challenges and Potential Matrix of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in context of Inclusive Growth” Anmol Publications Private Limited. ISBN – 978-81-261-5064-9
  • 03 Tripathi Vikas, Dixit Deepak (2009). “A Journey towards Knowledge Management Strategy”, Proceedings of National Conference, Excel Indial Publishers(ISBN 93-80043-20-1).
  • 04 Rastogi Shailesh, Tripathi Vikas (2008) "Employee Retention: By way of Management Control System",Proceedings of International Conference, Atlantic Publishers & distributors(P) Ltd. (ISBN 978-81-269-1265-0) .
  • 01 Paper on Methodology for Evaluating Service Quality of Public Transport: Case Study of Delhi, India  Communicated to International Symposium on Marketing and Logistics, September 8-10, 2014, Nagoya, Japan.
  • 02 Presented paper “A Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS Approach for B- School Selection: A Case of NCR” at international conference on Supply Chain and Logistics Management organised by BIMTECH and HULL University on 6-7 Dec, 2013.
  • 03 Presented paper "Conceptual study on customer satisfaction through HRM practices" at national cnference on “Sustainablt success: A tight rope walk” organised by G.L.A. University, Mathura on 23-24 February, 2013.
  • 04 Presented paper Tripathi, V. "Predicaments of VAT management in India" at national seminar on “Value added tax and India.s Business Scenario” organised by G.L.A. Institute of Business Management, Mathura on 30&31 August, 2008.
  • 05 Presented paper Hassan. Masood, Tripathi Vikas (2007) “Holistic approach to the development of Micro enterprises in India” at National seminar “Micro-enterprise Management” organized by G.L.A. Institute of Business Management, Mathura.
  • 06 Presented & Published case by Joshi Bhavesh, Tripathi Vikas (2007) “Manufacturing strategy in Ferozabad glass cluster: A struggle” Proceedings of international conference: “Strategic Management For Firms In Developing Countriesorganized by Strategic Management Forum of India at IIT, Mumbai
  • 07 Presented Paper Joshi Bhavesh, Tripathi Vikas (2006) "Republic of Korea : The Lamp Bearer" in the International Conference “WTO & its impact on Developing Economies” held at India International Center, New Delhi organized by Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management and Research.
  • 08 Presented Paper Tripathi Vikas, Joshi Bhavesh (2006) "Corporate Social Responsibility & Women Empowerment: A critical analysis of Project Shakti & e-Choupal" in National Seminar "Women in Management & Development" organized by WISDOM(Women’s Institute for Studies in Development Oriented Management),Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan
  • 09 Presented paper Tripathi Vikas, Joshi Bhavesh (2006) “Intellectual Property Rights & Indian Agriculture” at the conference held at Thapar Institute of Management, Patiala.
  • 10 Presented paper Tripathi Vikas, Joshi Bhavesh (2006)"Agreement on Agriculture after Hong Kong Summit : An Indian Perspective" in National Seminar "WTO, India & Emerging areas of Trade” held at IIM, Kozhikode.
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A. Conducted:

  • 01 Convener of one day workshop on “Enhancing performance Through Managerial Excellence” on 14 September,2013.
  • 02 Convener of Management Development Programme “Sustaining Profitability through Innovative Management Practices” on 9 November, 2011.

B. Attended:

  • 01 Participated in workshop on “Social Constructions & Relational Practice” by Kenneth J. Gergen during 10-11 December, 2009. 
  • 02 Attended the Faculty Development Program organized by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmadabad in Entrepreneurship from 18th Dec. to 29th Dec, 2006.
  • 03 Participated in workshop on “Change Management” by Mr Ashok Mehra Global Head (Delivery) Business Process & Change Management during 27-28 December, 2008.
  • 04 Successfully completed a workshop on “High Impact Teaching Skills” organized by Dale Carnegie in the program of WIPRO named MISSION 10X.