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Mr. Brijesh Kishore Goswami

  • Assistant Professor
    Institute of Business Management
  • Department

    Business Management
  • Contact Details:

    Email :

    Contact Number :9917294048

  • Experience

    12 years of teaching experience in the area of Business Management

  • Qualifications

    Ph.d, (pursuing) in Management (HRM) from Jiwaji University, Gwalior

    M.B.A (2006) GLA Institute of Technology and Management, Mathura.

  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed-Nil


  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed- 12


  • 01A Paradigm shift in cherished values of Indian youth” in value based management journal in Vol. 1, No. 2, Dec 2011
  • 02 “Understanding ethical values and economic values” in Values-Based management Journal. Vol.2 No.2, December 2012.
  • 03Attrition issue and retention challenges of employees” in International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research. Vol. 3 Issue 4 April 2012 (impact factor 1.4)
  • 04 “The 360 Degree digitized performance appraisal- the makeover for academicians” in International Journal of retailing and Marketing in Vol. 4 Issue 2, July 2012
  • 05 “Faculty appraisal oriented Quality Management” in Radix International educational and research consortium in Vol. 1 Issue II, Feb 2013.
  • 06 “Appraisal as a motivated mechanism” in International Journal of Human Resource Management and Research in Vol. 3 Issue 1 Jan-Feb-March 2013 (Impact factor 2.9966).
  • 07 “Influence of Corporate values in formulating strategies for business advantage” in International Journal of Management (IJM-IAEME) in Vol. 4 issue 1 Jan-Feb 2013 (Impact Factor 3.5420).
  • 08 “Honesty in Self Management” in International Journal of Engineering Science Invention (IJESI) Vol. 2 issue 1 Jan 2013.
  • 09 “Unethical Practice in B-School is bad for business” in International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Studies in Vol. 2 Issue 1 March 2013.
  • 10 “Business Excellence Models Based on Vedic Hindu Philosophy” in Asian Journal of Management Research by Integrated Publishing Association (Impact factor .9360) published in April 2013.
  • 11 “Fundamental Issues in Ethical Marketing” in International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Academy in Vol. 3 Issue 3 March 2013.
  • 12 “Performance Appraisal- Management by objective and assessment center- modern approach to performance appraisal” in Journal of International Organization of Scientific Research(IOSR) Vol. 7 Issue 5 Jan-Feb 2013 (impact factor 1.458).
  • 13 “Perception of Employees about Implementation of 360 degree appraisal system in kotak life Insurance” in International Journal of Management studies, Statistics and Applied Economics (IJMSAE) in Vol. 1 Issue 3 June 2013 (impact factor .1)
  • 14 “Value Education and Teacher’s Work: A Quality Teaching Perspective” in Zenith International Research & Academic Foundation’s Excel International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies in Vol. 3 Issue 3 march 2013 (impact factor 3.89).
  • 15 “Importance of Infrastructure in Private Technical Educational Institutions” in “European Academic journal” inVol 2 Issue 1 April 2014. (impact factor 3.1)
  • 16  “Environmental Conservative and Management systems in Ancient India: A study of Prevalent Practices in Ancient India” inInternational Journal of Research in Humanity, Arts and Literature.(impact factor 1.1783)
  • 17Sales Promotion in Telecom Industry in India” in BEST: International Journal of   Management, Information Technology and Engineering (BEST: IJMITE) in Vol. 1, Issue 3, Dec 2013 (impact factor .451).
  • 18Exploring the relationship between work force diversity, inclusion and employee engagement” in Drishtokon, Journal of Symbiosis, Ebesco Indexed. Vol 9, Issue 1, Sep 17-March 2018.
  • 19An assessment of problems affecting material management practices on selected construction sites in Agra region” in International Journal of Marketing, Financial Services and management Research (IJMFSMR) in Dec 2014 (impact factor .645).

Book Chapters:

  • 01 A Chapter is published in a book by Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology, Allahabad On the topic”Managing Workforce in Unorganized Sector in India: A study of Social Security measures and their effectiveness” on December 2014.
  • 02  A Chapter is published in a book by Society of Technical and Management Professionals on the topic”Dispositional Predictors of Organizational Obligation: A Conjectural Analysis” on December 2014.


  • 01 “Teachers of the 21st century: professional challenges” held at Anand Engineering College, Keetham Agra on 2nd -3rd April 2011.
  • 02  “Social Transformation & people Aspiration” in Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad on 18th April 2012.
  • 03 “Women Empowerment: India is an Achiever or under performer” in an International conference organized by RCA degree college, Mathura sponsored by UGC on 12-14th Feb 2013.
  • 04 Human Rights and Globalization: Threats & impacts” in a national seminar organized by SMJN (PG) college, Haridwar, affiliated to HMB gadwal university sponsored by UGC on 27-28 Jan 2013.
  • 05Employment Generation in developing countries- challenges & opportunities”, an international seminar, organized by Faculty of Commerce and Research studies, Swami Sukhdevanand PG College, Shahajahanpur, affiliated to MJP Ruhelkhand University, Bareilly on 23-24 Feb 2013.
  • 06 “Huge Shift in cherished value of the Indian youth” organized by Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad on 28th May 2011.
  • 07Environmental conservative and Management Systems in Ancient India”, a national seminar organized by Sarveshvari Post Graduate College, Allahabad on October 27th, 2013.
  • 08 “Quality Standards in Teaching of Private Technical Educational Institutions” on the theme “Quality Standards of Private Technical Educational Institutions” organized by Manav Rachna International University, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, on 4th May 2013.
  • 09  Recession in Global Economy, held at hotel Clark Ciraz from Hindustan college of Science & Technology in April 2008.
  • 10Dispositional Predictors of Organizational Obligation: A Conjectural Analysis” to be held at Hotel Sita Manor, Gandhi Road, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India during December 26-27, 2014 organized by Society of Technical and Management Professionals.
  • 11Managing Workforce in Unorganized Sector in India: A study of Social Security measures and their effectivenessin a national conference in Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology on19th December 2014.
  • 12  “Good Governance Global Growth (4G)” in internationalmanagement conference in GLA University, Mathura from 15-16 December 2017.
  • 01 Attended a three days workshop on “Human Values and Professional Ethics” conducted by Value Education Cell, GBTU organized by Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Mathura on 21st-23rd May 2011.
  • 02 Attended A Faculty Training Programme from 25th July 08- 8th Aug 08, held at BMAS Engineering College, Agra.
  • 03 Attended a seven days workshop on “SPSS” in School of studies, Jiwaji University Gwalior from 13-20 June 2016.
  • 04 Attended an International Conference on “Indian Insights Integrating Individuals, Institutions, and Innovation” in IIM Indore from 18-20 December 2017.

Member of Indian Journals, IJMRS and Samarpan Foundation.


  • 01 Awarded as “Best Faculty” in Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Mathura during 2011-2012
  • 02 Awarded with certificate for “Excellent Performance as a faculty” in Anand Engineering College, Agra during 2008-2009.
  • 03 Qualified “NET with Junior Research fellowship in Management”, November 2011.
  • 04 Got Appreciation certificate for the project “Enhancement of Academic performance of students in Engineering Institutions” by Quality Council of India (Bharat Shah Quality Awards) in 2015.