Algo Club

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Name of the Club : A 4 Algo

  • This club is the technical wing of the departmental society ABACUS 

Aim and Objectives

The Club shall have the following objectives:

  • A 4 Algo is a dedicated society for the programming lovers in GLA University. The objective of club is to organize the events and enhance the programming skills of the students.
  • This society will support the students to prepare themselves for the competitive programming.

Faculty Coordinator

  • Mr. Neeraj Varshney

Who can join?

  • The membership of the Society is open to all the students of B.Tech (CSE), MCA, BCA and M.Tech (CSE) (Must be the member of ABACUS).


  • Through the activities on this club, students will enhance their programming skills
  • To promote the adoption competitive programming precpective.

Road Map

  • Teaching latest tools to conquer the competitive programming world.
  • Solving Basic problems of Arrays
  • Internal Competition
  • Solving Intermediate Problems on Linked-list, Stacks and Queues
  • Internal Competition
  • Solving Advanced Problems on Graph, Tress, Dynamic Programming, etc


  • Students ready with the skills required to target dream companies: Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart, Adobe, etc.

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