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Mentor : Dr Ravi Prakash Dubey

Since times immemorial, humans have always aspired to express their emotions, feelings, thoughts and the jigsaw puzzles taking place inside their brain through words. But sometimes words merely are not enough to express them. Various aspects of life are left unsaid, unheard and unrevealed. These aspects are the mirrors of one’s personality. Poetry occurs with the dichotomy of the poet and his muse; there is always a poet, ek kavi, ek shayar in all of us and there strolls his/her inspiration alongside. We have felt the depths of love, the pains of heartbreaks, the pangs of separation, the angst of isolation. Nothing like poetry captures these fleeting moments of intensity.

The individual chaos going inside us are needed to be expressed and one such platform to express it is the Poetry Club of GLA University.

The Club started in 2015-16 under the mentorship of Mr. Sandeep Debnath. The change of hands took place in 2016-17 and Dr. Ravi Prakash Dubey became the new mentor of the club. Since then, there has been no looking back and the club has scaled new heights. The objective of the club is to give life to the imagination of people in and out of the campus.

The Events Held: The club has organised 16 Meets so far including the Grand World Poetry Day Celebration on 21st March 2017.

Members : The club is run by the students; Syed Saad Tirmizi is the Vice-President of the club and Mrityunjay Singh is the General Secretary of the Club.

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