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The project idea was originated at the time of riding a bicycle in morning. The basic idea of Tred-E Cycle is to make a combination of treadmill and a bicycle. Furthermore the E-cycle team wants to convert the bicycle into a motorized bicycle. In the current scenario, the automation projects available in the market automate things using time or pre-configuration methods but with Intelli Premises we will not achieve it in the same way. Rather we will automate things using Real Time Location based methods.

This project will be preferred over others due to the following reasons

  • Pollution is one of the vital problems of whole mankind; we can address this issue by fabricating such an environment friendly vehicle.
  • The vehicle ptove itself to be a cost effective, when it comes at mass production level.
  • We can keep ourselves healthy by developing such eco-friendly vehicle.
  • We can tune a number of channels at single point of time i.e. It can work as a cycle, as a treadmill and also as an E- bike.

The outcomes & Benefits will comprise the following

  • Affordability
  • Health issues can be resolve
  • Eco friendly vehicle
  • Major Brands Getting in on the Action
  • The Allure of Energy Savings