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Electricity Theft Monitoring System using GSM

The successful development of the wireless automatic theft monitoring system is based on the high performance, high level of integration and low price of GSM technology. The technology has strong market competitiveness. GSM based theft monitoring system can use for long range wireless communication and computer network technologies to send SMS. Wireless communication links can be quickly built, engineering period significantly shortened and it has better scalability compared to a wired system.

This model is aimed at reducing the heavy power and revenue losses that occur due to power theft by the customers. By this design, it can be concluded that power theft can be effectively curbed by detecting where the power theft occurred and informing the authorities. The ability of the proposed system is to inform or send data digitally to a remote station using wireless radio link. The system design mainly concentrates on the single phase electricity distribution system. The proposed system provides the solution for some of the main problems faced by the existing Indian grid system such as wastage of energy, power theft.