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Automatic Power Factor Correction using ATMEGA328

The Automatic Power Factor Detection and Correction provides an efficient technique to improve the power factor of a power system by an economical way. Static capacitors are invariably used for power factor improvement in factories or distribution line. However, this system makes use of capacitors only when power factor is low otherwise they are cut off from line. Thus, it not only improves the power factor but also increases the life time of static capacitors. The power factor of any distribution line can also be improved easily by low cost small rating capacitor. This system with static capacitor can improve the power factor of any distribution line from load side.

As, if this static capacitor will apply in the high voltage transmission line then its rating will be unexpectedly large which will be uneconomical & inefficient. So a variable speed synchronous condenser can be used in any high voltage transmission line to improve power factor & the speed of synchronous condenser can be controlled by microcontroller or any controlled device.

This method deals with modify method of automatic power factor correction. This method gives more accurate result than other methods. Thus we can conclude that from this system with increase in power factor we can save power and also efficiency can be increases and this system can be implemented in industries.