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A.I.M (Artificial Intelligent Mirror)

Objective: To develop an AI based mirror that is capable of taking input in form of Audio commands and giving output on basis of trained model set. Output is displayed on mirror screen/display.

Implementation Requirements:
  • Hardware Requirements: 8 GB Ram, 32 GB Memory card, Double Sided Acrylic Mirror, Raspberry Pi kit, USB Dongle.
  • Software Requirements: Anaconda, Raspbian OS, Ruby Installer and Python Installer.

Abstract: The smart mirror is a signature detail of futuristic movies and advertisements. This Project is about, reflection of a personis laid on the mirror along with her daily schedule, weather report, news headlines, incoming messages, and more. So, it’s kind of surprising that, even though the technology has existed for some years now, we haven’t seen a version of this product from any of the big names in touch-screen computers or the smart home. This Deviceis able to run the following modules: Clock, Calendar, Current Weather, Weather Forecast, News Feed, Compliments. Some of those — like weather — need additional setup, including registering for an API key and adding your location.