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The Network Stallion

Objective: The main purpose behind the proposed project is to convert a Raspberry Pi into a hacking arsenal by leveraging the most popular open source penetration toolset Kali Linux.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Firewall and Intrusion Detection System
  • Content Filtering
Tools required: The following requirements have been proposed by the group for the development of this project:
  • A Raspberry Pi Model B+
  • A SD Card with 8GB memory
  • A Kali Linux .ARM file
  • A Wifi card
  • A Power Supply

A General Laptop with general specifications, for this project we’ll be using Dell Inspirion Laptops of 3000 & 5000 series.

Abstract: The Network Stallion is a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing platform for specific projects that don’t require applications with high processing power needs. We have used this toolset to conduct penetration and vulnerability testing from remote locations by using the portability of Raspberry Pi to test the security covertly at different locations with little footprint. This device will help organizations to keep a track of the data being accessed under their network, through the organization’s computer devices. It can also be used for surveillance purposes by various government organizations like Police or Defence services if used at a large scale. Also, it can be used to protect information, can be used for information accuracy and with technology advancements further opportunities can be explored.