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Voice Automation System

Objective: The Voice Automation System-is designed to work on three different languages namely English, Hindi, and Bengali. It will be capable of recognizing the speech (commands) of the user and can perform the task situated with it.

Hardware Requirements:
  • A microphone
  • A fully functional computer system
Software Requirements:
  • Java 7 or above
  • Python 3.6
  • VLC plugin
  • Sphinx

Abstract: The software is an offline voice recognition system in Hindi i.e. one can speak in Hindi and the software will recognize his/her voice, and will perform the task as per the instructions given by the user. It has an added advantage that the user can use it or put the dictionary according and comfortable to them. Furthermore, project will comprise of a java based software as the frontend which will be capable of writing and saving notes, accessing and executing, a file present on the system, make certain calculations, etc.In order to achieve the objective of this project, there are several fields and areas where it can be applied. The scope of this project includes the designing of a voice recognition circuit for the voice recognition purpose. Follow by the designing of user interface and software that can co-ordinate with the system to execute some specific tasks. It can be applied in various segments such as, Big Data Voice analytics for call centres in India. As the majority of people prefer to talk in Hindi or more commonly Hinglish (combination of Hindi and English). It can be used in various operating systems like android.

As, in India, there is an appreciable amount of people speak Hindi not English. These people will now be taken into account by companies and for security agencies this can be used to automatically record, analyses and process the voice.