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Design And Analysis Of An ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

The objective of our project is to Design and Fabricate an ‘All-Terrain Vehicle.’ It is aimed to simulate a real-world engineering design project and their challenges. It involves the planning and manufacturing tasks found when introducing a new product to the consumer industrial market. Our primary focus is to design a single-sitter high-performance off-road vehicle that will take the ruggedness of rough roads with maximum safety and driver comfort. A Mini BAJA is a special type of four wheeled vehicle used for recreational purpose & designed for off road usage and endurance of a rough terrain. Our aim is to design a safe, compact, durable vehicle that can not only best suit these demands but also be easy to manufacture and low in cost. The design selection has been done keeping in mind the above factors including roll over condition & vehicle weight. An attempt has been made to keep the design as practical as possible.