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Mechatronics Lab

Mechatronics lab is to train students and make them industry ready in areas of Automation Design, Research and Development, Automatic Production, Manufacturing Lines, Defense, Home Automation, A.I. Sales and Remotely Automated Services.It integrates electronics and intelligent control in mechanical systems, focusing on the applied understanding of various aspects of engineering blended with the dynamic needs of the emerging field of Mechatronics.
Mechatronics Engineers typically act as the link between Technicians and Engineers, and work from conception of a project to the completion of the project. They also assist with design, development, and testing of electrical or electronic equipment. When mechanical equipment includes electrical or electronics components, Mechatronics Engineers also design, develop, and test that machinery.

Mechatronics lab provides knowledge of:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Physical Automation
  • Automated Industrialization and Automotive technologies
  • Robotics Engineering and Home automation development
  • Modern technologies involved in fabrication, automation and robotics related components.
  • The primary focus is the growth of students in automation sector.

Specific points about Mechatronics Laboratory:

  • We have five station latest mechatronics kits with latest plc configuration ie. S7-1200 of Siemens.
  • Softwares like TIA (Total Integrated Automation)  and of Fluidsim for virtual analysis of electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic circuitry for students to learn.
  • Electro- pneumatic kits of Festo for hands on training on automation.
  • 3D scanning and printing facilities to learn reverse engineering and rapid prototyping activities.
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