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02 July 2020

15th International and 51st Annual Conference - 2020

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    GLA University, Mathura

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    02/ 07/2020

15th International and 51st Annual Conference - 2020 is being organised by the Department of English, GLA University Mathura in association with English Language Teachers' Association of India (ELT@I). 

The conference addresses a lot of question related to making teaching and learning English successful and pleasant, considering that an Indian classroom in English is usually a mixed classroom. Other than in some elite institutions, a typical classroom in any country using English as its second or foreign language has students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. India has two million students in English classrooms who do not speak English at home, including the first-generation learners. 

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The conference would contemplate on many questions and aspects of ELT in non-native contexts:

  • How to ensure that these students learn English along with others, as quickly and happily as others?
  • What method and material should a teacher use in the classroom?
  • Do we need to write more interesting textbooks?
  • Should the vast treasure of materials like films, audio and video clips remain unwelcomed in a classroom?
  • Are our teachers trained and oriented to use these available resources and help their students achieve the desired goals?
  • Should India continue to have teacher-training investing two years and a lot of money to produce less than the required trained teachers?
  • Is it all right to use mobile phones in the classrooms?