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GLA University Blog | » What it takes to be a Software Engineer and What are the Career Opportunities? What it takes to be a Software Engineer and What are the Career Opportunities? – GLA University Blog

What it takes to be a Software Engineer and What are the Career Opportunities?

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What it takes to be a Software Engineer and What are the Career Opportunities
Posted on December 3, 2019
Software engineering is one of the most coveted and fast-growing occupations with a big fat salary potential. Right from highly complex computer operating programmes to gaming, a large number of products that we put reliance in today are backed by software.  
Software engineers possess specialized professional qualifications either in computer software systems or computer software applications. They make a comprehensive analysis of the user’s requirements and them design, develop and test software programmes by applying principles and theories of modern computer science with mathematical analysis.
As computers and information technology has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives, the need for the development of new software is constant.

Software Engineer Requirements

Degree Level
Bachelor's degree; some employers may prefer a master's degree too
Degree Field
Computer science, software engineering, or related field
Key Skills
§     Analytical ability
§     Problem-solving
§     Teamwork and communication skills
§     Creativity and attention to detail
§     Familiarity with database management
§     Development environment &
§     Program testing

How to Become a Software Engineer?

Since software engineering involves a diverse range of tasks and job descriptions, it is necessary for all the aspiring software engineers to research the field well before taking up a degree or diploma course for a particular career path.

Software Engineering: Courses and Duration

A myriad of courses are offered in the field of software engineering at Bachelor’s and Master’s level:
§     B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering – 4 years duration
§  B.Tech in Computer Science with Specialization in Software Development Program – 4 years duration
§     BCA – 3 years duration
§     M. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering – 2 years duration
§     MCA – 3 years duration
A bachelor’s degree is the criteria for almost all software engineering jobs. For more challenging, intriguing and complex jobs, a master’s degree might be required. As employers give importance to relevant experience, it is good for aspirants to take an active part in internships while pursuing their engineering degree.

Software engineers generally major in:

§     Computer science
§     Computer information systems
§     Software engineering or mathematics.
One can also opt for programming and software engineering to supplement a particular degree in any other field that includes accounting, business or finance.

Whatever major students choose, it is mandatory for them to have:

§     Basic understanding of IT and computer systems
§     A knack for technical problem solving
§     Good communication skills in both technical and non-technical domains
§     Knowledge about development process standards and norms
§     Ability to carry out software requirements analysis
§     Knowledge about all procedures for coding review and testing
§     Expertise in at least one programming language
§     Ability and flexibility to adapt to new team members, project requirements, and different technical environments

Career opportunities in software engineering:

With the appropriate qualifications, a software engineer is able to occupy a powerful position in almost any industry.

Designations available for competent software engineers include the following:

§     Software Executive
§     Software Programmer
§     Software Designer
§     Software Developer
§     Project Manager
§     System Designer
§     Information System Manager, and many more

While IT companies lead the salary package in hiring software professionals, government organizations, non-profit organizations, healthcare industry, transit, and logistics organizations, and various others, none can do without software professionals. Therefore, the opportunities are endless.

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