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GLA University Blog | » Top 4 MBA Specializations for a Cushy Job and Dream Salary Top 4 MBA Specializations for a Cushy Job and Dream Salary – GLA University Blog

Top 4 MBA Specializations for a Cushy Job and Dream Salary

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Top 4 MBA Specializations for a Cushy Job and Dream Salary
Posted on September 20, 2019


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a globally recognized degree that nurtures the skills required to make careers in business management. However, the utility of the MBA is not confined to the business world only.
MBA graduates with various specializations play important roles in different managerial positions in both government and private sector (both local and multinational) companies. These roles can be quite lucrative and MBAs often make headlines for fetching salaries above Rs. 1 crore or a six-figure salary in US dollars.
Before jumping to the raw conclusion that a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) would provide you with a cushy job and dream salary, you have to be very much thoughtful and contemplative about it.
Choosing to do an MBA is a great step which needs self-discipline of the highest order, time and financial commitments. You have to go for it after in-depth introspection in terms of your aptitude and attitude.

Pursue an MBA if you:

  • Are willing to launch a lucrative as well as progressive career
  • Want a paradigm shift in your existing career
  • Want to foster an innovative outlook
  • Want to get networked with the best brains in the market
  • Want to give yourself a strong brand value
  • Want to take your personal growth to a higher level
  • Want to set up your own business
Choosing to do MBA might prove to be more rewarding and enticing only when you take it up with a meaningful and in-demand specialization. The starting phase of an MBA program that includes 1styear in a 2-year MBA program aims at finishing the core courses.
The course components are designed and developed to provide learners with a solid foundation of the basics across diverse management subjects. During the latter half of the course, you can go for specialisation in a particular area.

4 most popular and in-demand MBA specializations with no specific order include the following:

  1. Marketing

The ever increasing cut-throat competition in the global markets has created the need for powerful positioning and outstanding marketing skills in marketers to create the niche for the products and services they work for.
Marketing people are responsible for increasing market share as well as bringing in new business to contribute the company’s growth. Students opting for Marketing as specialization would be getting insights into the following:
  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Consumer behaviour and analysis
  • Business ethics
  • Product and brand management
  • Advertising, digital marketing as well as eCommerce

  1. Human Resources

A specialisation in HR is all about comprehensively understanding the acquisition, management and manpower retention within a company in a systematic and well-organized way.
Students opting for Human Resource as specialization would be getting insights into in-depth knowledge and the ability for:
  • Managing manpower
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training and Development
  • Motivating employees through performance-based rewards
  • Ensuring health and safety of employees
  • Managing exits of employees from the company

     3. Finance

The big fat pay packets offered to the MBAs in financeare the reasons for the high influx of MBAs into the finance stream. Students opting for Finance as specialization would be getting insights into the following:
  • Investment banking
  • Asset management
  • Hedge funds or private equity
  • Portfolio management
  • Credit risk management
  • Hedge fund management or derivatives.

     4. Information Systems

The growing use of information technology has taken almost all industry sectors into its grip, which is why there is always an ever-growing demand for professionals who demonstrate a great combination of business skills and sophisticated technical expertise.
Though the specializations described above are only the most popular ones, there are a large number of other options too depending on what any particular business school offers.


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