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GLA University Blog | » Things People Sacrifice for a Golden Tomorrow Things People Sacrifice for a Golden Tomorrow – GLA University Blog

Things People Sacrifice for a Golden Tomorrow

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Posted on October 3, 2016
You often have heard people saying,''Eight years ago, I was going through worst phase of my life. Everything was against my way and on top of it, negativity was engulfing me. But I refused to bow in front of odds and won life's mad race. Today I'm pacified and at a good space, but is was never easy. It didn't come easy.'' So, guys, stories like aforesaid are many.

Sacrifices have to be made for success. We know that you also wish to become successful tomorrow. But how? Here the some points  which you have to sacrifice today for winning tomorrow.

  • Time - Yes. This is the greatest player in everybody's life. If you realise it, then you tend to make best benefit of it. But, if you don't, then it is a hazard. Time has the potential to either make you laugh or make you cry further. The only difference can be made with your approach to deal with it. Refrain from bad company and pessimistic thoughts. They only pull you down. Understand the efficiency of time and use it meticulously.
  • Sleep - To have a fresh and energised day tomorrow, you need to sleep well early. But, at times, when you run after a goal, you have to compromise with your comforts. For a rewarding career tomorrow, you have to push your routine and go out of the way to achieve it. But. always remember that your productivity comes with sound sleep. Have a good sleep. But if the situation doesn't allow you for that, then too, be prepared.
  • Sanity - Life is not a  bed of roses. Rather it is a space which has amalgamation of everthing. Stress, happiness, moments lof disdain, success, failure. In short, every emotion. So, in midst of all of this, you think that working towards big goals in life is not easy. To face all sorts of challenges tomorrow, you need to take breaks too. Yes, sanity only comes when you feel content and pacified. Most of times, recreation is a great way to churn stress and feel recharged. Then, you will feel a step closer to what you truly want.
  • Immediate Desires - We are humans and we have limitless desires. No matter how pacified we are, there is always a greed and a hunger to get something more and big. Immediate desires are such that they demand treatment like emergency. Like-checking our FB feeds, twitter and other social media platforms accounts etc. But, we have to strike a  balance between the two. Having said that it never means that you should kill your desires. Enjoy it so that frustration do not creep in. But, make a balance between life goals and needs.
  • Stability - Successful people have to deal with instability and financial crisis in their rollercoaster journey. But, if you don't risk instability, we're giving up the chance to make lives better. 

At GLA University, students are moulded and prepared in such a way that learn the art of ways to achieve a golden tomorrow. 


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