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5 Most Common Kids’ Dental Problems and Their Solutions

Posted on February 25, 2016
Engineering has seemed to be a profession which has always been in demand because of its nature of designing and creating. It can be said to be fuel of civilization and no country can dream of living without capable engineers who are the harbingers of manufacturing and infrastructure. The engineers are vital to universal economy due to their knowledge and skill required for development.
With the upcoming demands of sustainable development to tackle the challenges of climate change and financial instability, this area can never lose its foot in education sector. This area have various domain which helps in integrating scientific principles with research, which further needs assistance in attainment of new knowledge leading to successful industrial innovation. The engineering sector in India has experienced an immense growth over last few years owing to its close association with manufacturing and infrastructure sectors and its integration with other industry segments. India also became a permanent member of the Washington Accord in June 2014, which is an elite international agreement on engineering studies and mobility of engineers. The union budget of 2014-2015 has provided investment rate of 15 percent to manufacturing company which invest more than US$4.17 million. Also the “Smart Cities” initiative taken by government of Indiarequires good engineers for proper infrastructure development which has to be done in sustainable manner.

GLA Universityhas Institute of Engineering and Technology having various domains of engineering such as Computer engineering and applications, Mechanical Engineering, electrical engineering, Civil engineering and Electronics and communications. These areas have separate department for proper functioning and management of each discipline. Each discipline has a separate infrastructure and provides equal opportunity to each student for their overall development. It provides job opportunity in both private and government jobs and also attracts the recruiters of many companies. All departments provide study at graduate level and some even at post graduate and doctoral level. Hence those students aspiring for a career in engineering can select this university as it caters to all demands of the students required for this area, and also sharpen the knowledge of student by providing exposure to the industrial work.

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