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GLA University Blog | » Few steps to career planning. Few steps to career planning. – GLA University Blog

Few steps to career planning.

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Posted on August 23, 2017
Career Planning is mainly considered to an under-highlighted tool in one’s professional life. To progress in professional life one should plan their career well in advance to avoid any kind of anxiety, pressure, and failure.

Here are few points one should keep in mind while planning their career.

Goal should be defined:

One should be self aware about his/her likes and dislikes and even his/her’s potential. To know your goal is very important. Goal gives a focus, as a sense of direction allows the mind to focus on a target thus it becomes easier to achieve the desired goal.

Skills should be evaluated:

Skills are the most important qualities which can be posses by an employ. Skill-full person can perform in any environment and will be able to execute any give task. To know your strengths or skill sets are very important so that there is a scope to sharpen them.

Showcase your achievements:

It’s always better to appreciate yourself for your achievements. Reflection is thinking of your practice. Reflection identifies learning and development needs.

List what you want and what you don’t:

While planning your career one should ask her/him self few questions such as -- what am i passionate about? What does my dream job should be like? How does my current job or desired job fit into my life? When you will get the answers then you will be able to think what you want and what you don’t from your job.

Identify Your Support:

It’s always important to explore the connections and use alumni networks. ‘Networking’ has become an essential part in one’s professional life, as it brings a step closer to your desired job.

Mentor or a Coach:

Few people needs to be directed in the beginning of their career, and if that direction is shown by an experienced person then positive results can be seen. When you have a mentor, then you have a support to your plan. A person can learn from a coach who is already there where you want to be.

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