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How to Behave Professionally at Workplace.

Posted on June 29, 2017

Most of the Candidates deal with dearth of professionalism at office and their new jobs. Since they are straight out of college, they inclined to live in the same easy-going college life even after the college ends. However, this is a major problem at the inception in their profession and since they are not well trained for the same and they do not anticipate the repercussion. So here are some of the DO’s which shall help you to behave professionally at a workplace. • Be punctual: Since you ar

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Tips to be Successful in Life

Posted on September 26, 2016

Success is one thing which all of us have in common. No matter from which country we come from or what race we belong to. The zest is to be successful is something we share in common. But the difference being some of us beat the odds out to achieve success and majority of the lot just dream for it. So clearly it is our approach which really changes the scenario. Given below are some great tips if you wish to be successful in life. 1. The reality is today. Dream big. The greater danger in life

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Trick Yourself to Be More Productive.

Posted on August 31, 2016

Do you sit back and realize sometime that you have failed to achieve many things you could have been? Because of inactivity and laid back attitude, we let go hidden opportunities go and later on regret. On the other hand side, there is a wave of people who know to make best out of moments and are not accustomed to the comfort zone.  So, if you also become more productive in life then, you have to go through effective techniques. Here are the keys- 1. Understand your body timetable Befo

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How to Revise in Best Shortest Time?

Posted on August 30, 2016

It often happens with all of us that when we get time to revise for upcoming examinations, we get caught up in tension as to what to revise first and what not. We always feel strangled till the time we don't see the paper and submit it after solving. Here are some easy tips to revise maximum of your course effectively in best shortest time. Remember genius never do anything differently. Rather, the way which they choose kis different. Check all your study worries and follows these once. 1.

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How to Choose Right Subjects for Higher Education?

Posted on August 22, 2016

For a valuable head start for your professional career, it is very crucial for one to opt for right subjects and courses before entering any University for higher education. Each and every person during his/her student phase gets cobwebbed in the dilemma of choosing one subject over the other. They have varied subjects and courses from the palate offered. So, here are some simple tips by which you can access what you exactly want for yourself and combination of which subjects will prove to be

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Hacks to Crack Best Placements in One Go

Posted on August 8, 2016

Are you a final year student? Surely, bouts of nervousness and self-doubts of getting placed in some reputed organization must be haunting you now and then. But, you can buck this season of madness that has descended on your mind with some easy placement hacks. There rest on second thought that if you really want to get picked up by creditable firms, then you have to prepare yourself for interview. FOCUS ON MAKING AN IMPRESSIVE RESUME If your resume doesn't tell it all, then at least it is v

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Posted on July 31, 2016

For many times in our lives we all have dealt with how to solve an examination paper in correct time. For a student, it is always a challenge to maintain a match between the paper and allotted time to complete it. You might have often seen students asking their teachers on how to choose the right sections first and solve the test. Here are some awesome tips that have the potential to kill your speed issues while appearing for an exam. 1. Prepare yourself well. There rests no doubts in believi

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Zero Tolerance Policy For Ragging in GLA

Posted on June 23, 2016

Ragging in actuality is a, notorious practice wherein, the senior students get an opportunity to harass their junior counterparts, and more often than not, make them easy targets to satiate their own perverse sadistic pleasures. Since last past few years not even a single case of ragging in has been reported in GLA University. GLA University is one of the prestigious private University offering diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate courses in engineering and management. In 2016 this University

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GLA: Best Choice For Students Looking For Jobs After Graduation

Posted on June 22, 2016

This is a time when results for the secondary board exams are out and most of the students are looking for colleges which can offer them bright career opportunities. When it comes to top notch private Universities in India, the name of GLA is figured on the number one position. Located in Mathura (U.P), GLA University offers diplomas, graduate, postgraduate courses in engineering and management. GLA University was ranked number 1 in Uttar Pradesh this year. Over the last five years the Univers

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Posted on June 16, 2016

GLA is providing a gamut of courses under its umbrella. Courses at a glance B TechDuration: 4 YearsAdmission process: On the basis of performance in GLAETFees:  Rs. 72,500 per semester & Rs. 1, 42,000 per annum B Tech (Lateral Entry)Duration: 3 YearsAdmission process: On the basis of performance in GLAETFees:  Rs. 74,000 per semester & Rs. 1, 45,000 per annum B PharmDuration: 4 YearsAdmission process: On the basis of performance in GLAETFees:  Rs. 55,000 per semester. &am

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