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10 inspiring activities to do in your lunch break.

Posted on July 20, 2017

Break is something that we all wait for when we are studying or attending Lectures. The moment we hear a bell or realize that its time for lunch break, It doesn’t matter how boring the lecture was or your task whatever you were occupied with. It alarms you and you find yourself energized and happy. Tell me if I am wrong. Haha..!! Here are few tips for some Inspiring Activities to do in your Lunch Break: 1. Musical Meditation: Sometimes we all need a little extra Zen in our lives. It is suggest

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Networking Tips for College Students

Posted on December 26, 2016

You must have heard all your graduation or school lives that keep networking for a better career. Yes, that’s true. You never know that a person you once nicely spoke to over a lunch is now a senior manager who could help you with your job. 85% of the people you meet in your life always cross you again in one way or the other, so make the best of it. Let’s take you through the networking tips that would help you in your career: 1) Be Participative: The first rule to better networking is parti

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