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GLA University Blog | » 6 Most Demanding Engineering Careers in Future 6 Most Demanding Engineering Careers in Future – GLA University Blog

6 Most Demanding Engineering Careers in Future

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most demanding careeer courses
Posted on January 21, 2020


While deciding on a career stream, most people get very much perplexed by many conflicting situations whether the engineering career stream they are going to choose will continue growing, get saturated or lose its relevance completely.
It is quite evident that information technology (IT) is in trend, and it is also all set to remain as one of the most preferable career choices for future. But, some most conventional engineering streams such as chemical, petroleum and civil engineering are still in high demand. All things considered, this post sheds light on 6 most in-demand engineering careers that have a foreseeable future.

1. Data Science & Machine Learning

Software engineering, for the past 20 years, has been one of the most-aspired and desired career streams for technology enthusiasts around the globe. This domain of engineering has witnessed a gigantic growth, and frankly speaking, there is almost no stopping to it.
Data science is one of the most premium branches of software engineering which is all about creating or generating substantive information based on the sea of data coming from a comprehensive range of sources that include, for instance, medical, financial and eCommerce sectors.
For instance, a data scientist working in eCommerce the sector makes predictions about what type of products will sell best during a specific time period, while helping the advertising department to create the promotional campaign, accordingly.

2. Automation & Robotics Engineering

Automation and robotics engineering is all about designing, developing, testing and implementing robotics systems. The engineers working in this field either have mechanical or electronics backgrounds. As you take a deep peep into the world of automation, you will realize that this is the branch of engineering that offers the safest and most futuristic jobs.

3. Petroleum Engineering

Despite a never-before push for green and clean energy vehicles, petroleum is still highly valued as it finds applications in a wide range of industries. As thousands of old-age engineers in this field get retired every year, new job opportunities come up on a regular basis.
Engineers working in the petroleum sector mainly take on drilling methodologies, designing, and development of innovative drilling tools and equipment. They are also responsible for keeping a close watch on the drilling plan monitoring during the extraction of crude oil. Petroleum engineers are in high demand, and this trend is expected to be continued in the near future too.

4. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is considered to be an evergreen branch of engineering. In the year 2019, it was the most sought-after job and the trend is expected to continue in the times to come too. The engineers working in this stream of engineering take on creating infrastructures the entire world stands upon.
There are a large number of subdivisions or branches of civil engineering which doesn’t let this stream experience any kind of saturation, and so it is always a sense of optimism and hopefulness in working around it. Some most premium branches of civil engineering are:
  • Transportation engineering
  • Road/highway engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Structural engineering

5. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering has not only been one of the most aspired and desired branches of engineering but also a job field that has always shown continued high demand. This stream of engineering is really very vast with some of the inclusions like electronic engineering, power engineering, instrumentation engineering, and various others. As electrical engineering offers a plethora of career paths, it simply means there will always be the availability of well-paid jobs.

6. Mining Engineering

Mining is considered to be the beginning of the lifecycle of any product as this is the stage in which raw materials to make something are procured. Mining engineers are responsible for designing both underground mines as well as open pits. They also take care of the supervision, construction, and excavation of these mines and pits.
The designing methodologies for processing and transporting all mining materials is also part of their job. Although the demand and consumption of raw iron are contemporarily showing the downward curve, the demand for nickel, lithium, copper and a large number of other materials for making batteries is growing day by day, resulting in an increased number of jobs.
Concluding Remarks
Although the description of the jobs listed above is not exhaustive, it offers a great cross-section of the contemporary job market. Some may be high in demand and others may be moderate, but all are futuristic and highly paid ones. Last but not the least important factor is your aptitude that matters more than anything else while choosing a career in engineering.


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