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Certificate in Gender Studies

International Students Study Abroad Program

Academic Year 2018 – 19

Academic Year 2018 – 20


The GLA University the Center for Research on Gender Studies Research will be home to an active community of scholars and researchers. The academic curriculum offered by the Center aims to be a leader and innovator as an interdisciplinary program by offering a Certificate in the field of Gender Studies.

In today’s fast-moving global environment, students in particular have to connect their regional experience with the needs and demands of an international community. Therefore, the Center’s academic curriculum brings together scholarship on gender issues and women in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Students will be encouraged to explore traditional and current issues in gender and social justice studies and to critically challenge perceptions of inequity and inequality. The wide range of interdisciplinary courses offered will examine the world from diverse vantage points – gender, race, age, class, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, etc. – and challenge students to explore, express and debate varying points of view.

Mission Statement

The Center is dedicated to the supporting of quality research and academic study by offering an exciting, flexible, multicultural curriculum that integrates diverse perspectives from multiple disciplines and critically applies gendered and linguistic scholarship in the interests of social justice and development.

Career Options and Indian/Foreign Pathway Possibilities

The Gender Studies Research Program will provide students unique access to resources and internship opportunities in the metropolitan areas and beyond. Students can go on to professional and academic careers in law, humanities, social sciences, and other fields. They can secure jobs in both the private and public sector, in business, law, government, public interest and social service organizations, the arts, and elsewhere. Expertise in women’s issues, along with other academic and professional skills, is valued by many organizations.

Students’ primary research interests will be interdisciplinary, with specializations in fields such as:

  • Gender Sensitization
  • Women and the Sciences
  • Gender and Professions
  • Feminist Language
  • Feminism
  • Gender & Translation
  • Education, Law
  • Psychology
  • Gendered Culture
  • Global Development


For Academic Year 2018-19 and Academic Year 2019-20, the Center will plan to offer International Students admission to the following program:

Certificate in Gender Studies A coordinated interdisciplinary program that incorporates men and women's standpoints across the curriculum.

Course Duration: 1 semester

Important Deadlines

Semester Start Date Admission Deadline
Odd Semester August 7, 2018 July 15, 2018
Even Semester January 1, 2019 December 15, 2018

Students may be recommended for enrolment in the Certificate by their faculty advisors at their home university. The final decision on all such enrolments rests with the Center’s Faculty Advisory Committee and the Director of the Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities, following existing GLA University policies.

GLA Admission Criteria and Process: Students must maintain consistent GPA of 6/10 (60%) and above at undergraduate/ graduate level.

Application form can be downloaded at and sent by email to or as hard copy to Director Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities, GLA University, 17km Stone, NH-2,Mathura-Delhi Road,P.O. Chaumuhan, Mathura-281 406 (U.P.) INDIA

Fee Structure: Rs. 75,000/- (Rs. 5000/- per credit hour). This does not include residential accommodation and other facilities.

Residential Facilities: Single seated (AC/Non-AC) accommodation is available on campus on rental basis.

Center Coordinator : Prof. Divya Saksena, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Contact Us :,

Mobile : +91 8851040307

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