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Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Law & Society (CAILS)

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Law & Society (CAILS) established under the aegis of Institute of Legal Studies, GLA University, Mathura aims to facilitate discussion on issues at the intersection of Law and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on society.

AI today is being used by- administrators of law (judges, legislators, govt. officials, regulators, police), practitioners of law (Attorneys in litigation, legal analytics, case outcome prediction, legal document creation and assembly, computable contracts, legal research and law firm management). Through research and discussion, the Centre aims to explore current topics within the realm of AI and Law. For example: AI is automating some tasks in law traditionally done by lawyers, creating hurdles in employment. The Centre also aims to highlight the ethical standards in AI and Law today wherein bail or sentencing decisions for criminal defendants could be premised on biased data sets used to build these systems. There are also many privacy issues involved with the increased application of AI in law, by using machine learning to infer likely private facts about people based upon friend networks, tweets and credit score.

Through regular discussions and lectures, the Centre shall facilitate vivid understanding in AI and Law that shall help the potential audiences in handling issues pertaining to AI that impact our lives everyday and the way forward. The objective is to immerse the students, policy makers and civil society by sensitizing them on interaction between law, society and technology.


Action Plan for CAILS

  • Monthly Guest lectures (Second Saturday of every month)
  • Quarterly Seminars (January, April, August, December)
  • Annual National Conference (Once in a year)
  • Annual Journal (Once in a year)
  • Short Certificate Course on AI & Law (4 weeks)
  • Training Programs
  • Research Papers/Working Papers


Prof. (Dr) Avinash Dadhich
Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Law & Society (CAILS)
& Dean, Institute for Legal Studies & Research
GLA University

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Nidhi Singh
Deputy Director
Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Law & Society (CAILS)
& Adjunct Faculty, Institute of Legal Studies & Research
GLA University

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Board of Advisors

Nydia Remolina
JSM, Stanford Law School,
USA, Phd (University of Zurich)

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Prof. (Dr.) Christoph Lütge
Director, TUM Institute of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence
Munich, Germany

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Steven Nam
Editor-in-Chief, Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy
B.A. (Yale), J.D. & M.A. (Columbia)

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Dr. Huma Sodher
Ph.D. (UK) LL.M., LL.B.
Visiting Fellow, Harvard Law School

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Articles & Resources

  • Ethics -An Integral Part of Artificial Intelligence

  • Need for Artificial Intelligence Regulation in India